Okay, now it’s Nokia’s turn – Lumia 930, the new flagship

Is this the best Windows Phone yet? Until now, everybody was focusing on the three big flagships from Asia: South Korea’s Samsung Galaxy S5, Taiwan’s HTC One and Japan’s Sony Xperia Z2. And we see why, as the these are three amazing devices, delivering incredible specs. Still, there’s one more country, pretty far from these three, who is also joining this race. We’re talking about Finland of course, the country who recently introduced their flagship for 2014, the Nokia Lumia 930, the first smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1. Yo Asia, check out what Europe can do! Not a fan of … Continue reading

HTC did it again – The all new One, simply perfect.

Could this be the best phone of the year? Even though we knew almost everything about it with days before the official launch, HTC‘s event, held yesterday confirmed our expectations: the all new One has all the chances of being 2014′s best phone! Why? Don’t worry about that, as we have a big list of reasons for that… 1st reason – The design Last year’s model was a masterpiece when it comes to this, but the new one…well, the new one is better. While the chassis is made of 90% metal – brushed aluminum to be more specific – the … Continue reading

Nokia goes Android – X, X+ and XL impressions

Will this move take Nokia one step ahead? One of the most expected events of MWC 2014 happened at Nokia‘s stand. What was just a beautiful dream the Finnish brand’s fans a few months ago, turned real this week: the company launched their first phones (yeah, not just one) running Android. Personally, after all the rumors about Nokia Normandy, I was eagerly waiting to see them, because, let’s face it, Google’s operating system is way better than Windows Phone 8, and combined with Nokia‘s build quality, it should be one awesome phone. After seeing them, I can’t say that I’m … Continue reading

The wait is over – Samsung Galaxy S5, officially unveiled.

Is the S5 the phone we were really hoping for? Almost 14 hours ago, all the attention of the tech world was centered on a hall in Barcelona, where some opera music started playing. No, it wasn’t a concert, but the launch event of one of this year’s most expected smartphones, called Unpacked5. After a short intro, Samsung’s CEO, Mr. J. K. Shin, enters the stage and without giving much details, he gives the public and the whole world what they came to Barcelona for – the all new Samsung Galaxy S5. At a first look, we don’t see such … Continue reading

Waterproof, 4K..need to say more? Sony Xperia Z2 is here to stay.

What better way to start MWC 2014 than with an awesome smartphone? It has begun, the first important tech event of 2014, the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, has finally opened its gates. Big or less known manufacturers are showing their latest products, in order to impress the public. And some of them succeed after just a few seconds. It’s also Sony‘s case, as their flagship smartphone for 2014, the Xperia Z2, is apparently flawless and could easily make you experience love at first sight. Not so many differences, compared with the Xperia Z1, but wait for it… Even though … Continue reading

Because mid-rangers matter too – Meet LG L Series, the 3rd generation.

It was about time! The LG L models get an update. With just a week before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LG keeps the trends, and, after announcing their new phablet, the G Pro 2, its time for the new generation of the L Series to see the light. If you ask me, it was about time, as the L series has made up the middle and bottom of their lineup for quite a while now. Just think at models like Optimus L3, L5, L7, L9 and the younger L4, L5, L1 or L1 (whoa, now that’s a lot … Continue reading

Yo, phablets, watch out! LG G Pro 2, officially launched.

Does it stand a chance against the Note 3? This week was pretty busy for the South Korean manufacturer LG. After announcing the LG G2 mini, the downsized version of their flagship, yesterday they introduced a bigger device. And when I say bigger, I mean way bigger. Succeeding last year’s G Pro, the LG G Pro 2 comes with a 5.9″ display and it’s ready to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, one of the most popular phablets on the market, but also with the likes of HTC One Max or Sony Xperia Z Ultra. But does LG’s big boy … Continue reading

From Russia, with love – The dual-screened YotaPhone

No, you’re not seeing double. I mean, you are, in some way or another.  The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is not just an event where some of the most important manufacturers show their latest gadgets, devices and innovations. No way, it’s more than that. I’ve been following the event for the last years and there was always something that really impressed me, coming from a relatively unknown brand. In 2013, it happened again, and this time, the device that really caught my attention was coming from Russia and it was called YotaPhone. What was so special about it? Well, nothing … Continue reading

Quechua Phone – Take it anywhere!

A rugged smartphone for an active lifestyle? Bring it on! Smartphones are already a very important part of our lives and like every important thing, you need to take care of it. Still, sometimes, after a moment of not paying attention, you drop it and the horror follows. If you are lucky enough, it gets only a few scratches or the glass protecting the screen breaks. But what happens when the damage is so big that you need a new phone? I don’t want to know honestly, as I’ve never been through such situation and I really don’t want to … Continue reading

Can you turn good into better? Nokia Lumia 525 unveiled!

The most popular Windows Phone gets an update! It’s been a while since Nokia switched from the good ol’ Symbian to Windows Phone, ending up with Microsoft acquiring them. We must agree that their phones keep getting better and better, with awesome specs and great design. Even though their main problem is the lack of apps, more people started re-considering a Nokia when it comes to picking a new phone. One of their best Windows Phone devices until now is the Nokia Lumia 520. No, we’re not talking about a top notch smartphone, with some serious horsepower under the hood, … Continue reading