Check out these! – Top 3 best smartphones you’ve never heard of

Because being made by a big manufacturer is not really necessary… You’ve probably been through this before. When it comes to buying something, you first think at picking a product made by a big, well-known manufacturer, because…well, it’s definitely quality what you’re getting. In most cases, it’s true, yo do get what you’re paying for. Still, there are exceptions. For example, when getting a new smartphone. Let’s face it, we’re all going for iPhones, Samsungs, HTCs, LGs and so on. But what if I told you there are phones which cost less and offer the same quality built and even … Continue reading

Top 5 best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Because safety really matters when it comes to your Samsung. I don’t know about you guys, but when I get a new smartphone (and pay a lot for it), I’m thinking about keeping it for a long time, in a mint condition if possible. And in order to do that, you need to take a lot of care of it. For this, a film for the screen and a case can be considered mandatory. I know, some people don’t like cases, because they want to enjoy the design of the phone, but don’t worry, there are hundreds of designs from … Continue reading

Is that a phone? Really? Top 5 Ugliest Cellphones

Sometimes, it’s about design too. Lately, most cellphones follow the same design line and they’re basically a rectangle, with rounded corners sometimes, a few buttons and a big screen. Nothing that special if you ask me. There are some cases when the materials used make a difference, but still, nothing to make you say ‘wow’, as most manufacturers go for simplicity. Still, it wasn’t like this until a few years ago. Designers were struggling to make exclusive models, which could make the user stand out of the crowd. Or at least that’s what they were thinking. Ladies and gentlemen, for … Continue reading

Hello, beautiful! – Top 5 best looking smartphones of the moment

Because power is nothing without looks.  Nowadays, smartphones tend to be more and more powerful. Just think that a few years ago, a mobile device packing an eight-core CPU seemed madness, as there weren’t laptops that powerful. But just think at one thing: it doesn’t matter if you have the most powerful handset on the market if it looks like a 3-years toddler drew its lines, because sometimes, the design it’s the one that matter the most. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who get a phone only for the design, not for the specs. So, for … Continue reading

The endurance champion – GoClever Insignia 5X

Full HD and a huge battery at a reasonable price! Last week we talked about a few phones coming from brands that weren’t that known on the market. We continue the idea, at least for today, and we focus on a cheap phone, but with some pretty decent specs and one feature…I mean, the main feature, that made me consider writing about it. I know what you are going to say…Yeah, another cheap Android, what so special about it? I know, I was like that some time ago, but let’s think about it. If everyone goes with this mentality, how … Continue reading

The biggest member of the family is here – HTC One Max

Getting the maximum out of the ‘One’ brand. At the beginning of the year, HTC seemed to be one troubled company, with them not being able to find the answer to their problems (financial and many more). When everything was apparently going worse for them, they made it – the long-awaited HTC One was launched and the results were incredible! It was quickly called one of the best phones of the year. And it really is: metallic body, great build and a new technology for the camera. The Taiwanese company knew that this was a new beginning for them and … Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi3 or how to shake up the smartphone market!

Why should Samsung, Apple and other brands should worry. I’m pretty sure most of you guys haven’t heard about Xiaomi yet. That’s because the Beijing based company has come out of nowhere for a few months and is already considered a real threat to some of the most important smartphone manufacturers. How come? Well, they have what seems to be the key to success nowadays: designing phones with high-end specs and offering them at some more than accessible prices. Of course, we know that this means we can’t compare them with the likes of iPhone or the Galaxy series in … Continue reading

Top 3 Alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S4 – Infographic

Do you want a smartphone, but not a Samsung? We’ll help you decide, with this quick guide! The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently one of Samsung’s best selling devices. People seem to love it and a the numbers can confirm this: 20 million units sold just in the first two months after the launch! What more can we say? Still, there are people who want something different. Something else than Samsung. If you’re one of them and you’re still undecided on what to buy, UnlockUnit has what you need! A quick guide presenting 3 of the best alternatives to the … Continue reading

How to unlock Apple iPhone 5S Using Unlocking Instructions

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to unlock Apple iPhone 5S in order to use it on any GSM Network. This guide contains everything you need to know for a Apple iPhone 5S unlock: where to unlock it from, what is the process flow, and instructions for how to finish the unlock process on your phone. Don’t worry, the whole process is a very simple one, it will only take you a couple of minutes and you don’t have to have any technical skills at all! So, let’s get you started on this short tutorial about how to unlock Apple iPhone … Continue reading

iPhone 5S photos – or is it the iPhone 5C?

New photos have appeared, but nobody knows if it’s the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 5C We’re getting more and more excited about this new iPhone, although we don’t know what exactly it will be! If the rumours are true, then we should talk about these new iPhones – the 5S and the 5C. More and more leaked photos are posted on the internet, but everyone is confused due to this mixed information we’re getting. First, let’s talk about the 5S. We have talked before about a dual-LED flash camera being fitted on the model (click here for full article) … Continue reading