Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: Who Wins The Battle?

The battle is on and this time it is Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5! The trouble is that so far we have zero info on the iPhone 5 design! No sources (credible at least) have leaked any information to us although there are some things that suggest that it will have a new form factored in. Some have said that this new form will be a curvy glass screen display that goes from side to side and along the edges. This would be awesome since this is something that is attributed to the design of the Mac Air Book. Rumor also tells us that it will be made of black metal which will look totally amazing on its own.

Now we move onto the Galaxy S3. This device is said to be a highly durable plastic design which will actually be thinner than its predecessor – the S2. This assumption is that it will only be 3 inches in thickness so that is the expected WOW factor with this highly anticipated smartphone.

Although the look is important and can make an impressive first impression, the real deal is in what each phone will do for the user. When it comes to actual performance, it appears that the S3 will be the one that comes out on top. The iPhone 5 falls in at 1 GHZ while the S3 hits at 1.4 GHZ.  As far as memory goes the winner yet again is the S3. The iPhone 5 has decent memory but the S3 has the feature of expandable memory. The display is also won by the S3. The iPhone 5 screen uses 330 pixels while the S3 goes higher, has 720p resolution and a screen that is 4.5 inches wide for amazing view ability.

Overall, in the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 battle, the Galaxy wins hands down. But if you are an iPhone lover this information will probably make little difference.

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5




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