Top 5 Most Interesting Cell Phone Designs

With so many cell phones being released on the market from the start of things until the present, it can be a difficult choice as to what the greatest cell phone designs are. However, I have narrowed it down. This is my personal list but I think you will find that I am right on about most of them! 1)  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is in my opinion, the best Android ever, at least as far as design goes. The curved display is absolutely dazzling and the design is sleek. The fact that it performs amazingly doesn’t hurt either! 2)  … Continue reading

What Are The Best Uses For Samsung Galaxy Note?

All smartphones have their good point but with so many Samsung lovers in the world, the main question I have been asked are what the best uses are for the Samsung Galaxy Note? After some research I have found out the best answer to this question. If you are a busy, on the go person, you will love the S Note Perfect Creation Tool. With this you can keep notes, sketches, recipes, travel info and whatever else you need to store for future information. There is also a feature called the Shape and Match. This is a productivity tool that … Continue reading