Technology for everyone – Top 5 budget Android smartphones

Technology has reached a point when everyone is craving to have the latest releases. The mobile marketplace is loaded with a multitude of smartphones and you can definitely say that the offer is wide enough to make choosing a new phone one pretty hard decision. But what happens when you have a limited or a not so big budget? You still pick a smartphone, of course, as we have a wide range of budget phones, which can satisfy even some of the most pretentious users. And since we’re in the budget smartphone area, we must specify that we’re talking exclusively … Continue reading

Samsung announces Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Mini 2

Recently we have written a forum post about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. It seems like Samsung is on high velocity announcing and releasing cellphone after cellphone. Some would even say Samsung carries more about quantity and not about quality. As they are the second biggest phone manufacturer, Nokia being still the market leader, we think Samsung’s plans are to overcome Nokia this year and to become the biggest phone manufacturer in the market. But is this a good strategy? Releasing a new phone almost every week? Today the giant Korean company announced the new¬†borne babies in the … Continue reading