Photos and movies for everyone – Samsung working on Galaxy S5 Zoom and Galaxy Beam

Awesome snapshots and movies everywhere. Are you not entertained?! What, you thought that after introducing the Galaxy S5, Samsung was going to take a break? No way, not these guys. According to the latest rumors, they have two special models in the works. They’re not exactly new, as we already saw them in the last years, so let’s call them updates. While the first one, the Galaxy S5 Zoom was something everybody was expecting to see (a mini is also coming), the second one, the Galaxy Beam, is a pretty surprising move from the Korean manufacturer, as the previous generation, … Continue reading

First Phone-Projector: Samsung Galaxy Beam

The world has finally gotten its first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Beam; thought pictures that is. This device has been much awaited but we will still have more waiting to do as there is not yet an official release date. From what we saw in the photos and what we have already heard, the wait is likely to be well worth it! Of all the new features on the Samsung Galaxy Beam, the coolest and most anticipated is the projector. Back in the day there were devices released that had pico projectors but unfortunately they did not really take … Continue reading