Samsung mobile phones – A brief history

Samsung is currently one of the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers, providing sensational smartphones and having millions of clients. Technology fans all over the world are eagerly expecting the launch of the new Galaxy S4, which will happen on March 14th, at New York, and will probably confirm once again that Samsung is a top brand. But was it all like this from the beginning? How did Samsung managed to reach the top? See below a brief history of the Seoul-based company, founded by Lee Byung-chull, in 1938: A brief history of Samsung mobile phones helps you unlock … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Pocket: A Great Phone To Fit Your Pocket

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is perfect for the smartphone lover on a budget. It offers users 832MHz with a single core processor. This is powerful enough for the basic user, but not too powerful. The display is a small 2.8 inches, hence the name “pocket” and it includes QVGA resolution for good viewing ability. The back of this new pocket phone includes a 2 megapixel camera which takes quality pictures with no added “new fangled” technology. The battery (1200mAh) is strong enough to provide you with all the power you require. Though the Samsung Galaxy Pocket is simple on the … Continue reading

What Smartphones Are Best Suited For Women?

Samsung has so much to offer in way of smartphones but which Samsung phones are best suited for women in general? What women want in a phone is an important piece of information seeing as they tend to love their smartphones more than they love their boyfriends. So, the main question is what is important to women as far as features go and what Samsung phones will offer these things. One feature that women love about any phone is an app that tracks them by GPS and includes a panic button in case they are in a serious situation. This … Continue reading

Next In The Galaxy Ace Family: the new Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500

A substitute for the Galaxy Ace has finally arrived and it is the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. If you compare it to the midrange model of the Galaxy Ace, you will see that it comes with a bigger screen and a much quicker processor and has been said to be the perfect phone for those who are beginning Smartphone users. The plus for those coming off a “dumbphone” is that they can try out the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus without spending a ton of cash as it is a fairly inexpensive model to upgrade to because this droid is entry … Continue reading