3 New Device Names Patented By Samsung

Samsung Registered 3 New Device Names: Stellar, Emerge and Halo with the US Patent Office. There is no info yet on where these new devices will find themselves but it does prove that the Samsung Company is hardcore this year about getting their lineup vamped up this season! Before these three devices were registered there was the Awaken, the Joy, the Fresh, the Axiom, the Heir and the Rite. But the Samsung Halo, the Samsung Emerge and the Samsung Stellar will be shipped in the amount of millions to all over the country this year, that’s what rumors say.

While the Galaxy 3 was the one that Smartphone lovers have been drooling to get information on, there is now a different obsession to keep them all busy. Wondering is half the fun and Samsung has given us plenty to wonder about lately! There is no information yet as to what the specs will be on these three news Samsung additions but speculations are flying like crazy. However, now that there are registered trademarks on these new additions, hopefully we will have some news to report very soon. Will they have front facing cameras? Will the memory be through the roof? Will there be amazing apps? Or will it be a simple and standard phone for the basic Smartphone user? Only time will tell!