5 awesome ways of using Google Glass

We’ve talked about Google Glass before, and I confessed that I’m fascinated by Google’s augmented reality project. With a few time left until the official launch, Google asked its users (mainly on G+) to propose use cases for Glass, using the hashtag #ifihadglass. I had a few ideas myself, but you don’t want to hear about them here. The fact is that the campaign gathered some pretty cool ideas and suggestions which could be really helpful. And yes, we know that it will be funny when we will start seeing people wearing these on the streets, in bars, at work and so on, but let’s focus a bit on what Glass will mean for education, medicine, communicating, gaming and many more.

Using Google Glass

First of all, think about how useful Google Glass would be for surgeons. During an operation, they could wear Glass and have access to realtime patient data or use Hangouts in order to allow students or other doctors to see how the operation is going. Just imagine how Glass could reduce the number of errors or malpraxis cases during surgery. It will revolutionize surgery if you ask me.

This next idea hit me when I was cleaning my laptop a few days ago and I had to change my thermal paste too. There are a lot of people who can’t or don’t know how to do this. Well, with Google Glass, they could simply open a video with a tutorial and follow the steps there while actually doing it. And not only in this case, they could be used in schools, in order to do things from a first person perspective.

Ok, I don’t know how many people like doing this, but I’m one of them: stargazing. With Google Glass, you could easily find out what stars or constellations are you watching or simply set your camera to take some time lapse photos. I’ve seen people doing this with their smartphones, so imagine how awesome would be doing it with just a tiny camera mounted on your glasses.

If you’re of those persons who are very careful with what they’re eating, and by careful I mean weighing their food, counting calories and other stuff life this, Google Glass could really come in handy. Seeing all the info about the food you’re cooking or shopping, will help you keep in shape and eat more healthier. Just be careful with the glasses, you don’t want to drop them in the blender.

Last but not least, I’m sure you know about Google Goggles. Well, imagine having that integrated in Glass. Presuming you’re in a new city about which you don’t know very much, and, logically, you want to find out as much as possible. Forget about holding your phone in front of statues, buildings or other objectives. Just ask Glass about what’s in front of you and you will be instantly informed.

As you can see, Google Glass could have a lot of purposes, other than all that creepo-stalking stuff some people started talking about when this project was introduced. Let’s hope that a lot of people, or at least people who can make them happen, will have this ideas and use Glass in order to make the world better.


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