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Throwback Thursday – Best Retro Games for Android

Time for some old school mobile gaming! If you’re around 25 years old right not – but this isn’t a condition – from time to time, you definitely miss those times when you had nothing to worry about and one of your main ways of having fun was playing on your NES or Sega console.

Best Free Android Games of the Moment – June 2015

Check out the latest titles, perfect for killing some time! No matter what phone you have – low entry, mid-range or high-end – we’re absolutely sure that from time to time you love to blow off some steam by playing some games. After all, a smartphone is also a portable gaming console, beside other things,

It’s time for some romance – Top 5 Best Valentine’s Day Apps

Set the perfect date using your smartphone! If you and your significant other like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you definitely want to have a perfect February the 14th. Believe it or not, technology can help in you a lot in your mission, as there are some apps out there which can be used for taking

Top 10 Must-Have Apps for your new Android Phone

Just bought a new Android phone? This guide is for you! Everybody loves buying a new phone, as that sensation of enjoying a fresh new mobile operating system is pretty unique. No matter if you’re an advanced Android user or just a regular one, there are a few apps which should be present on your

Top 5 Best Android Wear Apps – Get’em on your watch!

Looking forward to customizing your wearable? There’s no doubt that smartwatches were some of the most popular gadgets in 2014, especially if we talk about some Android Wear models. Even though it’s starting to lose some territory, as new operating systems for wearables are getting better and better, Google’s OS is still present around a

Get it back! – How to find your lost Android phone

Keep calm and track it! So you have lost your phone. You’re not the first and last person which goes to this. You simply can’t find it…maybe it’s under your couch, maybe someone stole it or maybe it simply fell of your pocket while on the bus. The thing is that you can’t find it

Put ’em on your screen – Top 5 Best Android Widgets

Who said they’re just battery drainers? If you’re that kind of person who wants to make his phone battery last as much as possible, then this article is not for you, because today we’re talking about the best Android widgets available out there. It’s well known that in order to save a bit of power,

Get them now! Top 5 apps gone free for Black Friday

Looking for some hot deals? Yes, it’s finally here! That day of the year when everybody is looking for the best prices, no matter we’re talking about tablets, smartphones, cameras, consoles and so on. But these gadgets are not the only ones which can be bought at some great prices, as you can also get

There should be an app for that – Top 5 Apps We Wish Existed!

Yo, developers! Check this out… Nowadays, the number of apps present in the App Store or in the Play Store is constantly growing and sometimes, we’re more than surprised after seeing how creative some developers can be. We bet you’ve heard “there’s an app for that” a couple of times until now, when talking with

Have a worry-free holiday! – Top 5 Best Travel Apps

Looking forward to enjoying your holiday as much as possible? We’re close to midsummer and it seems the perfect time for going in a holiday, after a long stressful year. And let’s face it, even though most of us want to disconnect from everything, like email, social media and so on, a bit of technology