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How to Find a Lost Phone Instantly

Dealing with a lost phone can be a real nightmare, no matter the circumstances. Just imagine how much it takes until you get back your old number, get a new phone, get a case for it and so on. Annoying, isn’t it? But still, losing doesn’t mean not being able to find it anywhere, since

Let the music play – Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers

Music can sound good even without wires Nowadays, a smartphone can replace a lot of devices: camera, video recorder, gaming console or even a music player. But when it comes to playing your favorite tunes, most models are far from being able to keep everybody entertained at a spontaneous party, due to the size and

2014, the conclusions: Our favorite tech devices

It was a good year, we’d say! If in terms of smartphones you already know that our favorite was the amazing HTC One M8, we decided that in these last days of 2015 we might as well pick some other devices that impressed us too, not just phones. And thank God, we had where to

Get ready for the holidays! – Best Christmas gifts for tech fans

Ever wanted to be Santa? Christmas is just a few weeks away and if you haven’t started thinking about what presents you should get for your loved ones…it’s time to do it! If you have a couple of tech fans in your family, you’re in the right place. We made a quick selection of the

Power up! Top 5 Extra Batteries for less than $50

Keep your devices constantly charged without breaking the bank! For most people, this is the perfect time for going in a holiday. Pictures, videos, browsing social networks, reading the news or calling your friends, all of these can be done directly from the beach, using your smartphone. Still, the bad part is that all of

Get the max out of it – Top 5 Best Smartphone Accessories!

When was the last time you got your smartphone a really nice gift? We all love our smartphones and even though we can do tons of stuff with them, in most cases, the overall experience can be definitely improved. How? With some accessories of course. Little gadgets of devices which will help you get the

Amazon Fire TV – Everything you need to know

Video streaming, from A to Z. The guys that brought us Kindle and totally changed the way we read books are back, this time with a product that’s ready to make all its main competitors knock out. Announced yesterday, Amazon Fire TV is what tech fans are expecting for a long time. A direct competitor

Two screens, one console – Introducing the Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo tries to compete with the tablet market by releasing a pretty weird device. It seems that it has been a pretty full week for gamers, as yesterday we talked about the Wikipad gaming tablet and today we’re keeping it the same way, by looking at Nintendo‘s latest console, the 2DS. I’m sure you all

Play with Android – The Wikipad gaming tablet, coming soon!

A qucik look at a new Android powered tablet, especially made for gaming. Remember when we were talking about the Razer Edge gaming tablet and we were saying that we’d love to see another similar product? Well, it seems that someone has listened to us and made this wish come true. It’s not a well

Google Chromecast – Content streaming has never been so cheap!

Everything you need to know about Google’s play stick for our living rooms. Because a promise is a promise, today’s we’re going to, in some way or another, continue yesterday’s article theme with another sensational product launched at Google’s event ‘Breakfast with Sundar Pinchai’. Keeping it short, the new gadget is made for content streaming,