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Top 10 Best YouTube Tech Channels of the Moment

Every technology fan should subscribe to these now! Since you’re on this page, you must be a big tech aficionado, just like us, loving to be up to date with the latest smartphones, tablets, wearables and all kind of gadgets. Also, when it comes to actually buying the devices, you want to make sure that

How to Unlock Your Phone using Unlock Codes – A complete guide

Here you can find all the details you need to know in order to safely unlock your phone using unlock codes Let’s say you just bought a new smartphone, released just a few weeks ago, or even a model from last year, which you were craving for a while. You saved money for a few

Please, don’t install them! – Top 5 Worst iPhone Apps

There’s an app for everything! Even for the dumbest things… Everybody is talking about the new iPhone 6, debating whether it’s the best phone on the market or criticizing it, or iOS 8. Today, we’re going to stick to iPhones too, but we won’t say anything about the actual phone. No, today it’s about apps.

When Smartphones Go Off-Road – Cat B15, The Rugged One

Can your phone match this tough guy? Some of you might be lucky enough to enjoy some rays of sun today, but around here it’s snowing for hours and it doesn’t show any sings of stopping. And no, I haven’t brought any corn for popping, but a smartphone prepared for such hard conditions. So if

Best of Tech 2013 – Top 5 highlights

Check out some of this year’s best moments in tech! And here we are, reaching 2013’s last article. It’s been a very good year, especially for tech. We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff, no matter we’re talking about smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles, apps and so on. Progress is inevitable. Of course, there were some

Best of Tech 2013 – UnlockUnit Awards, Edition I.

Our favorite gadgets and devices from this year.  Here we are, just a few days until 2013 is over. A year full of events, especially when it comes to technology: smartphones, tablets, consoles, laptops and all kinds of gadgets and devices were released, making tech enthusiasts and not only burst with joy. There were so

Brace yourselves, ZTE Grand S II is coming!

The Chinese smartphone seems to be redefining performance I know what you’re thinking right now…”Great, another from an unknown brand, promising to change the world with its awesome specs and so on. Like they can impress anyone.” Well, if you’re taking it that way, I must tell you that you’re so wrong I don’t even

Bro, do you even flex? LG’s first curved smartphone, G Flex, finally here!

What’s the point of having an LG with a flexible screen after all? One of this year’s biggest trends is apparently the flexible screen. What started with some prototypes in the first months of 2013, at CES and MWC needed almost a year to go into mass production. We had the Galaxy Round which, let’s

The set is complete – Introducing the LG Vu 3

LG hits the market with a uniquely-built phablet! Nowadays, if you’re a respected phone manufacturer, you must have devices for everybody: cheaper and not so cheap, entry-level, mid-range and top notch. And when it comes to their top devices, it seems that the latest trend is to have to very powerful device: a regular smartphone

Yes, they’re real! Top 5 Most Weird Cellphones

Innovative design or just some big fails? Check out this weird-looking devices! If you though that those people holding big phablets or even tablets near their ear and talking at them look funny, you’ve seen nothing. A few years ago, before every phone had almost the same shape, there were a few devices out there