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Samsung Galaxy S8 – Everything we know so far!

Like every year, Samsung’s flagship is one of the most expected smartphones and the rumors about are spreading like crazy, even months before the actual launch event. But hey, we’re not even mad! On the contrary, the more, the merrier! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today we’re talking by the almighty Galaxy S8, the smartphone which

Why the Google Phone is not a great idea

You can’t call yourself a tech enthusiast if you don’t know what a Nexus phone is, as the handsets made by Google and reputed manufacturers in the industry have always been appreciated for offering a top notch spec sheet at an accessible price and, maybe the most important aspect, a pure, unaltered operating system. That’s

Samsung Galaxy S7 – The ultimate rumor round-up

Everything we know so far about the upcoming flagship There’s no need to say that every year, during this period, every tech fan is looking forward to finding as much details as possible about some of the upcoming flagship smartphones, from top manufacturers. Still, this year, no matter how models will be launched, there’s one device

OnePlus X – What to expect from the company’s mini (UPDATED)

Maybe this time they won’t mess everything up… A few months ago, tech fans all over the world were craving to see the next gen OnePlus 2, the second generation of the flagship killer, a phone that was supposed to dominate the market and offer a great build and high-end specs for a pocket-friendly price. But

Samsung Galaxy S7 – What we expect to see

Will Samsung’s next flagship be even better than the Galaxy S6? Ah, yes. That moment of the year when we start thinking about the top models we’re going to see next year. Except the Nexus 5X, expected to make its debut by the end of this month, we’ve already seen all the flagships launched in

Nexus 8: An actual tablet or just a leak gone wild?

Everything we know so far about Google’s third Nexus device expected to be launched this year Stock Android fans all over the world are looking forward to September 29, when Google will present its two upcoming Nexus smartphones, the LG-made Nexus 5X, a revamped version of the initial Nexus 5, and the Huawei Nexus, a

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Will it be the King of the Fall? (UPDATED)

See what happens when you put a Galaxy S6 on steroids! Unlike other manufacturer, Samsung keeps releasing a new phone every few weeks, but when you have such a big portfolio, it’s pretty obvious that not all devices are that good. Keeping it short, each year, two of Sammy’s handset get most of the attention:

Nexus 5X – The ultimate stock Android experience? (UPDATED)

If you’re a pure Android lover, Google has the perfect phone for you! I remember that 10 years ago, everybody wanted to have a cellphone as small as possible, because, let’s face it, in those times, such device was more like a fashion statement than an actual need. As years passed and the iPhone basically made touchscreen

Huawei Nexus 6P: From a rumor to an actual handset (UPDATED)

Everything you need to know about one of this year’s Nexus phones and the reasons behind Google’s choice A few years ago, my Internet provider, which was also my cable and landline phone provider, gave me a tiny cellphone as a bonus for being an old client. It was a classic model, with a bronze-like

The latest Moto G 2015 leaks reveal a pretty basic device

Yo, Moto, what’s the deal with that design? Ask us about the best budget phones on the market and one of our answers will definitely be Motorola Moto G. Both versions of the handset, released during the summer 2013 and 2014, were bangs for the buck, offering a more than decent spec sheet at an excellent