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How to spot a fake iPhone 7

Because we know you really don’t want to spend your money on a cheap knock-off… Launched this September, the iPhone 7 is already one of the most popular smartphones on the market, selling incredibly well, especially when it comes to the Black and Jet Black models, which are already sold out. However, despite Apple’s decision

iPhone 6c, the 4″ smartphone – Everything we know so far

Apple could release a new compact smartphone in early 2016! We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s plans of making a compact iPhone 6, with a 4″ display, as a successor for the iPhone 5c.  Still, in the end, they turned out to be just rumors and we kind of forgot about this, since

Could flip phones make a return in 2016?

Remember those awesome clamshell handsets? Would you still buy one? Ten years ago I was receiving an LG U8330 from my parents, with a metallic red and silver finish. It wasn’t my first phone, but it was still a premiere for me, as it was my first (and only) flip phone. Or clamshell, if you

Is smartphone addiction a real issue?

Checking your smartphone every 30 minutes? Definitely read this then! It’s Friday night and you’re out with your friends, for a couple of drinks. Everybody is happy, laughing and talking, but you’re the only one with your phone in your hands, constantly checking it. It’s not the first time they’re telling you that you’re suffering

5 reasons to buy the new BlackBerry Priv

Could this be the long-awaited savior? Ever since BlackBerry announced its plans of making the first Android-powered phone from the company’s history, a lot of fans and not only seemed interested in such device. After all, switching to the most popular operating system in the world meant that the Canadian manufacturer had a chance of

Does it bend? – Nexus 6P Bend Test Explained

Everything you need to know about the Nexus 6P’s resistance to bending Ever since the ‘Bendgate’ trend was introduced last year, after multiple iPhone 6 Plus users complaint about the phone bending after applying pressure on it, it seems that we can’t have a major phone launch that’s not affected by this…phenomenon. The last victim

Why the Huawei-made Nexus 6P is the best Android phone

Looking for a new smartphone? This is the one you need! A few months ago, when the first rumors about a Huawei-made Nexus started making the rounds online, we must admit that we were very skeptical. And we weren’t alone, as a very big part of the tech community started questioning Google’s decision of picking

5 Chinese Smartphones you should consider buying right now

Yes, China is now a serious player on the smartphone market! A few years ago, South Korean smartphones were considered by many low quality and cheap, but as most of you know, some of today’s best handsets are made in this country, which managed to make an impact so big that you’re probably reading this from

5 cellphone ‘features’ that will make you feel old

00’s kids will remember this If you’re in your mid 20s or even 30s, there’s a pretty big chance you’ve had a few cellphones until this age. Yes, cellphones, as you’re a member of a very select club of people who also owned a so-called dumbphone, a model very popular in the late 90s and

The Perfect Smartphone – Will it ever become reality?

In the end, everybody is allowed to dream… We know, this isn’t the first and the last time you’re reading about this, but each year, after the most important smartphones are launched, we still feel like none of them is perfect. They’re either too big, missing some essential feature or the build quality isn’t as