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How to spot a fake iPhone 7

Because we know you really don’t want to spend your money on a cheap knock-off… Launched this September, the iPhone 7 is already one of the most popular smartphones on the market, selling incredibly well, especially when it comes to the Black and Jet Black models, which are already sold out. However, despite Apple’s decision

iPhone 6c, the 4″ smartphone – Everything we know so far

Apple could release a new compact smartphone in early 2016! We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s plans of making a compact iPhone 6, with a 4″ display, as a successor for the iPhone 5c. ┬áStill, in the end, they turned out to be just rumors and we kind of forgot about this, since

iPhone 6S – Rumor round-up

Everything we know so far about Apple’s upcoming smartphone, iPhone 6S Like every year, Apple is expected to unveil a new generation of iPhones in September, during their own event. You don’t have to be the biggest iOS fan out there in order to be curious about what they’re up to, as Android users are

How to spot a fake Apple Watch – Know the differences

Don’t waste your money on a cheap wearable knock-off! Believe it or not, nowadays, smartwatches are being replicated almost as much as regular wrist watches and we’re talking especially about the Apple Watch. Don’t be surprised if in a few months you’ll be watching Pawn Stars and see a a guy coming in to trade

Apple’s Secrets – Top 5 Best iOS 9 Hidden Features

These are some of the coolest tweaks which weren’t announced during the WWDC keynote If you’re an Apple user, you definitely have all the reasons to be happy, as the new operating system for iDevices was announced this week, during the WorldWide Developer conference. iOS 9 brings tons of improvements, from increased performance and power

Five things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

Accesorize your Apple iPhone and take it beyond limits The days when you could use your phone just for making and receiving calls or sending messages are gone. Sounds like an intro for an article written a few years ago, isn’t it? When smartphones were something new and innovative, making a lot more than the