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How to Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy S8

A fake Samsung Galaxy S8? Yes, don’t be that surprised, the market is full of them! There’s no doubt: the Galaxy S8 is the most popular smartphone of the moment and everybody wants to get their hands on it! And we can totally relate. The Korean manufacturer managed, for the third year in a row,

How to Use Samsung Pay – A Quick Guide

After Google launched its own mobile payment method, Android Pay, it has been just a matter of time until Samsung came with the answer, just because…well, they can! It’s been a while since Samsung Pay is present on the market, coming pre-installed on the South Korean manufactures’ flagships (starting with last year’s Galaxy S7 and

22 Samsung Galaxy S6 bloatware apps worth keeping – Everything you need to know

What if we told you that not all bloatware apps are bad? Open Google and type ‘bloatware’ in the search bar. Unsurprisingly, most results will be about how to remove these unwanted app packs from your Android smartphone. And we can totally relate, as we, just like you, hate the idea of buying a phone which

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J5 using Unlock Codes

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy J5 using unlocking codes to work on any GSM Network. This guide contains everything you need to know for a Samsung Galaxy J5 unlock: where to procure the code from, what is the process flow, and instructions for how to enter the code on your

Top 5 Best Samsung Phones Ever Made

Check out some of Sammy’s best works! When you’re one of the world’s top smartphone manufacturers, you’re automatically obliged to release excellent devices, from all points of view. It’s true, from time to time, they do come out with a model which makes us wonder what on Earth they were thinking, but hey, nobody’s perfect!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Wishlist – What we want to see

Yo, Sammy! If you want to release another hit, you might as well check these. Ask any tech fan about the best smartphone of the moment and he or she will definitely say Samsung Galaxy S6. Since last year’s flagship, the S5, was a big flop, it was time for the South Korean manufacturer to

Samsung goes for a swim – The rugged Galaxy S6 Active, spotted in the wild

Good news for those who wanted a waterproof Galaxy S6! Samsung’s latest flagship is definitely one of the greatest phones launched in 2015 so far, being praised by fans and tech authorities all over the world. It’s basically an improved version of last year’s S5 from all points of view, except one little thing: it’s

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – What we would like to see

A new top Samsung phablet, coming right up! After releasing a really impressive smartphone duo, consisting in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung doesn’t show any signs of settling. Even though it’s still early to talk about this, it seems that their next high-end phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is in the works, according

Samsung Galaxy Music S6010

Samsung Galaxy Music S6010 is one of the newest members in the big Galaxy family. But this one is a little different than his older brothers – this one is designed for music (probably you figured this out already from his name). If you don’t know his name, when you first see it you don’t

First Phone-Projector: Samsung Galaxy Beam

The world has finally gotten its first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Beam; thought pictures that is. This device has been much awaited but we will still have more waiting to do as there is not yet an official release date. From what we saw in the photos and what we have already heard, the