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Top 5 Best Apple Watch apps of the moment

Make sure you get the max out of your new smartwatch! There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearables launched this year, as it was criticized, appreciated and criticized again. But hey, it’s an Apple product, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. Overall, it’s a great device, which, believe

Lenovo Magic View dual-screen smartwatch concept, unveiled!

Because sometimes, all you need is an extra display… Nowadays, if you want to enter the wearable market and make a name for yourself, you definitely need to come with something new or innovative. And the folks over Lenovo just did this! Their first smartwatch, Magic View, was introduced today at the TechWorld Conference, held

What if traditional watchmarkers made smartwatches? – Infographic

When the first rumors about some weird devices called ‘smartwatches’ started spreading, we had in mind some regular wrist watches, just like the ones you and me are wearing almost each day, but with a lot of technology stuffed in. I mean, I was looking at my Fossil and kept wondering how cool it would

Dreaming is allowed – The perfect smartwatch

What if we took the best features and put them together? Those days when smartwatches were considered just a fad are gone by now and we’re looking at a constantly growing market, which more and more important names from the tech world are trying to dominate it, from big brands like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Sony

Is round always better? Samsung Gear A, confirmed!

It was about time, Sammy, it was about time! The smartwatch market is constantly growing, as a lot of manufacturers are trying their luck, launching one or more devices. One of them is Samsung, which already has a pretty impressive portfolio when it comes to wearables, but there’s still one thing missing: a round smartwatch!

Top 5 Best Budget Smartwatches – Technology for every wrist

Ok, so you want a smartwatch, but you’re kinda low on cash… We must admit that smartwatches are some pretty cool devices, especially if we take a look at the latest models. Most of them are more than just a thing you wrap around your wrist in order to check your notifications without taking your

Accessorize it! Here are the Apple Watch band prices

Make sure the Apple Watch looks perfect around your wrist! Starting from today, Apple’s first wearable is available for pre-ordering, so if you’re looking forward to being one of the first persons to see if the Cupertino-based company did a great job with it or not, you should prepare to splash some cash. And we’re not

Apple Watch – Everything you need to know

A quick look at Apple’s first smartwatch Yesterday evening, during the Apple Spring Forward event, it finally happened. After months of waiting and reading all kinds of speculations, the Apple Watch was finally introduced! Of course, the design was no surprise, as we know how it’s going to look since September, when Mr. Tim Cook

And the winner is… – Most Beautiful Smartwatches

Who said wearables can’t be stylish? Nowadays, a smartwatch is far from being just a piece of technology surrounding your writs. No, not at all! Most of them are already fashion accessories, as manufacturers are doing their best to release devices as stylish as possible, which can easily be worn with every outfit: elegant, casual

Tech for your wrists – Top 5 Best Smartwatches on the Market

Don’t go shopping for wearables without reading this guide! 2014 was a great year for wearable technology, especially when it comes to smartwatches. There are some amazing models on the market, most of them coming from top manufacturers, resulting a great build quality. Still, if you’re looking forward to buying one,  you need to pick