Connect your home! – Top 3 Household Gadgets

Dreaming of having the ultimate connected home? Now it’s possible. 

If until now we’ve talked only about gadgets and devices specifically designed for your living room or bedroom, today we’re changing the pace a bit. Remember those clips or pictures from 20 years ago? Or even more, like 40 years ago? Everyone was imagining how the house of the future will look like, with all those automatized appliances, robots everywhere, doing the housework and so on. Well, we’re in that future right now and we can’t say that things haven’t evolved a lot. It’s true,we’re far from what those people were imagining, but how far? Let’s find out by checking three of the most interesting household gadgets, which can be controlled using a smartphone or a tablet.

1. Belkin WeMo Light Switch – Have you ever dreamed of switching your light on and off just by clapping your hands? I bet you did. What about controlling all of your lights with just one device, like a smartphone let’s say? You can stop dreaming, because it’s possible right now, thanks to Belking’s WeMo Light Switch. Basically, this device connects to your wi-fi router, enabling you to turn the lights on and off just by using an app. Ok, but how do you install this system? Easy as pie: you just replace an existing light switch, so the system will tap into the electrical network of your home directly. And there’s more! If you want the lights on and off when you enter or leave the room, You can use the WeMo motion detectors, so the lights will be used only when you’re in the room.

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

2. Nexia Home Intelligence – Let’s say that you already have a pretty modern and futuristic house, equipped with all kind of systems, like door sensors, automated front door deadbolts, thermostats or security cameras. Most people will envy you, but they really don’t know that sometimes, controlling all these systems can be a bit annoying, by switching between remotes, buttons and so on. Don’t worry we have something for you too. Thanks to the Nexia Home Intelligence, you can controll all all your household system through an iOS or Android app, using your phone or tablet. You just have to install a couple of sensors, by placing them on a door or window, using double adhesive tape. Feels good to be in control, doesn’t it?

Nexia Home Intelligence

3. Next Learning Thermostat – If you’re tired of setting your temperature all day long, now you don’t need to worry anymore, as the one from Nest remembers your favorite temperatures and it can program itself and turning down when you’re away. How does it work? By connecting to your router of course, and syncing with your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to control the temperature, schedule it and see exactly how much energy you’re using. Not to mention than you can install it in less than 30 minutes.

Next Learning thermostat

Pretty amazing, huh? It seems that the future those people were talking about, 40 years ago, it’s already here. And it sure feels good to control all these things from the palm of your hand, using just your smartphone or tablet. can help you unlock your phone, using safe, fast and secure method. Don’t forget to check out the latest tech updates, by visiting our Facebook and Google+ pages.