Galaxy S4 Active and Zoom – Samsung, what are you doing?

Because more isn’t always better, even in Samsung’s case

I’ve wrote enough about the Samsung Galaxy S4, but in case you’re not up to date with the latest articles from the blog, I’ll keep it short: It’s one of the best phones released so far and the list of reasons is too big for this article. It was very well received by everyone and a proof is the incredible number of devices sold until now: over 10 million. Samsung is more than aware of the S4′ s success, so they though that they could get even more from this phone. How? By releasing some new Galaxy S4 models, of course.

It all started with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, a regular S4, but with a stock, Nexus-like Android operating system. Ok, fine for me. I don’t like that TouchWiz that much anyway. Then, the Galaxy S4 mini was announced. We can say that the miniaturized version was expected by a lot of people and the logic is simple: you want a top Samsung phone, but you can’t afford the S4. Here, have the mini! Even though it was a bit soon to launch it, after about two months since the main S4 was released, I still believe that the mini will have a very big market of its own.

Let’s say that everything was ok until now, but Samsung though that they could get even more from the S4 moniker. Thus, the S4 Active was introduced. Basically, a rugged version, shock and water resistant for the uhm…more active users. And without the awesome AMOLED display. Wait, what? Samsung though that you probably don’t need it, since you’re an active person. Bad move, guys.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

And like this was not enough, they prepared another phone, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, for those people who want a chunky phone, with better zoom (d’ooh), reminding us of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. C’mooon, the camera on the regular S4 is one of the best available on the market. Do you really think that 16 MP and 10x optical zoom are going to make your photos look way better? Believe me, it won’t be anything ‘wow’. Not to mention that the phone looks a bit weird with those humps on the back. Samsung could very well sell this as Galaxy Camera 2, or something like that. It’s even bigger than my compact Nikon camera…

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Now that you know what makes those phones so special, the question that comes in is: will they help Samsung that much? Personally, I think that the Korean company is committing suicide, by using the S4 brand. Why not a new Xcover and a new Galaxy Camera, like I mentioned aboce? Leave the main S4 alone or else you risk to sell less than expected. It’s your flagship device, let him be the star and take all the glory! can help you unlock your cellphone, using safe, fast and secure methods. If you want to be up to date with the latest tech new, don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Google+ pages.