How did Apple manage to change the world

Even though you hate it or love it, you must admit that right now Apple is one of the most powerful brands in the world. And I’m talking not only about the tech world. Changing the why we work, play or listen to music, Apple products have transformed entire industries, created whole new methods of of computing and some truly frightening things to bridges. Of course, Steve Jobs was the man behind all these. All that he ever wanted was to change the world, by constantly coping with innovation. But enough with these details and let’s see how Apple really changed the world. If you haven’t figured that yet, it’s about some products they launched.

When the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, as “an iPod, a phone and an internet communicator”, everyone was surprised by a device which was different from others. Until that moment, Nokia was easily dominating the market and every other producers were trying to ‘borrow’ a little inspiration from the Finnish producer. After the iPhone was introduced, all phones started to resemble it and Nokia was left behind. We must admit that it changed the way we go online and thanks to its worldwide sales, Apple is now the world’s richest technology company.

Apple iPhone 2G

Before the iPad was introduced, tablets were something literally new to the world, combining a touchscreen with all the functions of a PC. A new category of computer was created, and in a few years, they will clearly outnumber sales of laptops. And I got a strong feeling that Apple will be the biggest tablet manufacturer. Just think about how the iPad Mini performed after its launch.

Apple iPad first generation

I know that they were and are blamed for being way to expensive for the specs they’re offering, and I can’t agree more with this, but even from the first model, iMacs are significant for three main reasons. It was the first legacy-free PC, without a floppy disc, all based on USB connections. But the most important aspect, which made the iMac different from everything available on the market was the design, starting with transparent plastic cases and continuing with today’s aluminum designs.

Apple iMac aluminum

Like I mentioned above, the iPhone was very well received by the public, but it seemed to have one problem. A big one, for some people. It was launched without apps, but if you ask me, this was just a great marketing strategy, as shortly after the launch, the App Store was introduced. This was one of the smartest moves, creating one of the best closed ecosystems, just like the iPod and iTunes one. And not only Apple had benefits from this, as the mix of safe apps and low prices keeps encouraging people to buy more software, supporting developers.

Apple iPhone App Store

Of course, there are still a few things that Apple came up with and in some way or another, changed the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those Apple fanatics that you see queuing for days in order to be the first one who gets the latest iDevice, I just appreciate good devices which really help me with something. And I must admit that the little experience I have with Apple products was sensational. unlocks your cellphone, using safe, fast and secure methods.