Top 5 overpriced technologies – Because some people like spending money

I was watching a video yesterday about some new phones we should expect to be launched at this year’s Mobile World Congress and the reporter was stating that the prices for these phones will be as ‘powerful’ as the devices. Ok, some phones are worth the money, but there are some models which are not offering that much for the money the producers are asking, so they’re just some overpriced devices. And speaking about overpriced things, I figured out that this wouldn’t be the first case, as there are a lot of overpriced technologies nowadays, with people still buying them. Let’s see five of them.

Number 5 on our list is a cable. But not just any cable, this one is called AudioQuest Diamond HDMI Cable and it costs $1,495. That’s right, you pay that much money for a 2m cable. To justify it’s price, the producer says something about solid silver connectors and proprietary insulation. I’m not sure where this belief that you had to have top of the line cables in order to make your computer or home entertainment run better, as for digital data streams, there’s almost no benefit in buying top of the notch cables. After some research, it seems that the digital signal has two possible states, on and off, and as long as the systems undertsands the current bit, it doesn’t matter what cable you have.


Next, we have a dock for your phone, Motorola Laptop Dock. The idea was that the Motorola Atrix 4G was so powerful for 2011, when it was launched, and the guys thought that we could use a keyboard/11.6″screen combo and plug the phone into it, turning the Atrix 4G handset into a notebook running the browser-centric Webtop OS. The funny part is that they wanted $499 for this. With that money, you could get a regular Windows 7 laptop, able to run all your software. One of the biggest rip-offs of 2011 if you ask me.

Moving on, the next item..I mean items, are 4k TVs. Ok, blame me for considering a stunning new technology, just launched, expensive. But it really is. Take the LG 55″ 84LM960V TV as an example, with its jaw-dropping price of over $34,000. I don’t really care it offers you some very high quality images as long as you can get a new car for that money. Let’s just hope that the prices will drop and 4k TVs will be more affordable.

Another item that doesn’t justify its price, compared to the quality this time, is any pair of Beats by Dre headphones.Take the Beats Pro as an example, which start from $400. I had the chance to test them and the quality of the sound was awfully poor, compared to my $70 Sennheiser headset. And I’m not the only one who thinks this, as there are a lot of reviews saying that you pay only for that ‘Dre’ part in the name.

Last but not least, my favorite, the recently launched Vertu Ti. As you could read in our review, the new Android phone from the luxury producer isn’t the most powerful smartphone on the market, but that didn’t stop Vertu to put a $10,000 price tag on it. That’s pretty much to pay just to stand out of the crowd, but hey, who am I to judge? It’s a luxury brand after all.

So there you have it, five of the most expensive technologies money can buy. The weird thing is that there are a lot of people who actually buy these things. Who said anything about recession? I’m sure there are many other items that can be included on this list, but in a future article. helps you unlock your phone, using a safe, fast and secure method.