Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Enter you phone IMEI

    Dial *#06# on the phone to get the IMEI number (only 15 digits).

  • Pay securely from $19

    Our methods of payment include credit card, PayPal and Skrill.

  • Receive your unlock code

    Your unlock code and all the instructions will be sent via e-mail


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  • " I was not sure if I should buy an unlocking code online, but I did it finally and I’m so happy I managed to unlock my Samsung so easy and fast. "
    Josh P.
    " I'm very happy with your service. First of all the unlock code worked perfectly, my phone is unlocked now and second of all the customer support was great! "
    Darla V
  • " Great service! I just got my code and it worked from the first attempt. Thanks a lot guys! "
    Winifred C.
    " After getting the codes for unlock unit they did not work for my phone NOT TO WORRY they sent me a email and had me for short steps and got my phone working with the codes they gave me the first time. "
    Kevin J.
  • " Great job! Fast and everything worked perfectly on the first try "
    Antonio V.
    " Thank you very much for unlocking my phone! "
    Hüseyin D.


My phone doesn't ask for the unlock code. How do i enter the code?

Before placing an order make sure your phone is asking for SIM Network Unlock Code. If your phone doesn't ask for the unlock code, please try these formulas or contact us.

Will I void the warranty of my phone by unlocking it?

No, by unlocking your phone you do not void its warranty.

Is it safe to unlock my handset?

Unlocking your handset is 100% safe and secure. Using our genuine unlocking codes there is no risk of damaging your phone.

Is the unlock permanent?

Yes, the unlock is permanent. After you unlock your phone, you will be able to use it with any gsm network around the world.

How long does it usually take to receive the unlock code?

It depends on the phone model, country and network. For some models it takes only a few minutes, for others might take hours of days. Check delivery time here.

What should I do if I didn't receive the code in the estimated time?

First you have to check your spam folder(some emails might get trapped in the spam folder). Sometimes there might be some delays; rest assured we're doing our best to send you the code in the shortest time possible.

What do I have to do if the code doesn't work?

You have to contact us for further instructions. If it still doesn't work, you have to send us a video proof and you will get your money back.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept 3 methods of payment: PayPal, credit/debit card and Skrill.