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APN settings not available for the current user profile

How to solve “APN settings not available for the current user profile”

You have just unlocked your phone and somehow, your device cannot connect to the Mobile Data network.

This usually happens when the APN setting is not auto-completed when the new SIM card is inserted. You will need to give your phone a little help by setting the APN manually.


To do this please follow the next path:

Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks


!!! Please note that if you have a custom ROM installed on your device (i.e. CyanogenMod etc.) you will need to revert to the stock ROM that was installed on the phone when it was initially purchased !!!

You will reach a screen where you can ADD a new APN or edit the ones that are already listed.

There are some rare cases when this apparently simple process does not work, leaving you unable to have access to Mobile Networks and sometimes not even GSM signal.

The message that your phone will display will be:

APN settings not available for the current user profile

Here’s what you can do

Make sure that you are in the range of a known Wifi Network and follow the next steps:

  1. Turn on Wifi and wait for your phone to connect to it
  2. While connected to the Wifi Network, reboot the phone
  3. As soon as the device restarts it will automatically connect to the previous Wifi network
  4. Go to APN settings following the above-mentioned path and check if you are now able to view/edit


Some users reported solving this problem through another simple method:

  1. Turn Wifi ON
  2. Go to Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators
  3. A search will be executed and afterward, the list will be populated with one or more Network Operators
  4. Choose the Network Provider from where you bought the SIM card
  5. Go to Access Point Names and add the new APN
  6. Save the data and done.

Everything should work fine now! Also, you can check the video below for a more visual guidance.


Last resort

As a last resort, you should backup all the valuable data you might have stored on your phone (Contacts, Photos, Documents etc.) and perform a Hard Reset.

A Hard Reset will delete and reinstall the newest version of the system feature that handles the changing of APN data and you should have access to add or edit the Access Point Names without experiencing any errors.


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  • Hi, so I have not one but 2 revvel plus phones and neither one of them are allowing me to connect to mobile data.iv done the add apn thing it doesn’t work on either of them. Iv followed all 3 steps but even after the hard reset I can’t use the phone. I even ordered a bend new SIM card for it.

  • Hey bro just solved the same issue just dial *#272*imei# u will get a menu select xtc install ur phone will reboot boom u r done so happy to use internet again on my phone

    • This worked, thanks!!! Amazing. I found the answer in the freaking comments section.

      For those who read this, you have to replace “imei” with your actual IMEI.

  • how did u change your csc plzzz brother i have galaxy a 50 bought from phillipnes and the vpn is available for globe only not on any other sim plzzz help guys

  • I’m using a KYOCERA dura force pro 2. Bought from Verizon in the US and switched to Ting. Data did not switch when swapping the Sim. I had to add the APN manually but it would not save. “APN type” is a string and at the end is “dun” . Delete “dun” and it will save and restore data.

  • Hi , please help. I just got a phone Samsung A7 2018, my dad purchased from Phillippines Global network. I live in Australia. I can make and receive calls and connect to wifi but my problem is I cannot connect to mobile data. Tried adding APN and hard reset with no luck. Nothing happens I only get the message “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”,
    Please can anyone help me?

  • I can’t even ‘Add’ new APN

    It says “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”

    I tap on the ‘Add’ option, but nothing happens

    I followed the first 2 suggestions (except the 3rd) and nothing worked
    Tired resting the networks setting, that didn’t work either.
    My wife bought my phone (Galaxy S8 plus) from Hong Kong, and got it unlocked there.
    I have no problems with calls, texts or using Wi-fi….. i just can’t use mobile data on this phone
    Anyone with the same or similar problem?
    Anyone knows how to fix this??

    • Hi Stee, did you find a solution to fix your problem? I get the same error message. “Access Point Name settings are not available for this user”

  • Hie guys. I tried evrything, reseting my phon, even hard reset still there in no data connetion. I set the new APN( the correct one ) od our service providers but still there is no data connection pliz help

  • For an Android phone:

    Before you go to reset the whole phone, you should try to reset the network only. This is what got mine working again.

    Before, I was able to add a APN but I still could not get internet, Just the phone calls were working.

    So, go into settings, then general management, then reset, From there you have the option to reset the network only. That is how I got internet working again.

  • Got a card type really thin basic phone I want to use as a backup. Supposed to be unlocked but I check for imei and says all zeros. I wonder is there a way of remedying this because the seller is not responding. (China) thanks so much!!

    • Hello Dixon, Most likely your device is rooted, and we don’t offer this kind of service. Our services are for Network unlock only, thanks!

  • thx for saving me from the 2 days of insanity with this stupid frp on my htc. I wish there was a donation button on here.


    this is how I fixed it on my S7 Edge.
    You just add the APN as you would normally do, but instead of hitting the SAVE button in the menu, you press the arrow to go BACK. Tadaa, APN is visible now and can be selected.
    no resets needed.

  • I tried everything listed in this article. Including the last option. Still unsuccessful.
    My phone was previously locked with globe. I had its lines opened to accommodate smart.
    The APN settings for globe are still there with no problems but I still get the same error “Unable to view the access point name settings. Access is restricted for the current user profile.”

    • I am having the same problem.
      Phone was previously locked to globe (Philippines)
      I asked the provider to unlock it, this is their reply:

      Hi! Your request for the unlocking of your Globe-provided Samsung device has been completed. To check for a non-Globe signal, turn off your phone and insert a non-Globe SIM. You’ll be asked to enter the unlocking code. Enter ******, press “OK” and wait for your non-Globe signal. If the first code doesn’t work, please use *******. Please note that non-Globe SIM cards can use calls and texts only.

      So there, the provider says that my non-Globe sim can only use calls and text (no data)

      • This can be solved by changing the csc, i have a globe phone and am now using, data, text and calls no problem. Just Google how to change your csc to whatever country you are in and it works…. Only downside is that it resets your phone, so back up everything.

        • I have a Samsung Galaxy S10e and it was locked in Globe. When they the contract period ended I requested and Globe sent me the unlock code. For few months I could’t find a way to change APN settings. When I saw your hint I Googled how to change csc and it was immediately fixed!!! Thank you my friend whoever you are!!!! I wish the best for you!!!

  • I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 (originally from Verizon, but I’ve never used it on Verizon). I was using it on Family Mobile (for several years), then just switched to Total Wireless last night (because I thought it would work better on TW’s Verizon backbone). My wife and I have identical phones and hers switched over without a hitch. Mine, on the other hand, cannot get a 4G signal. It gets some kind of signal — I get 5 bars, but 5 bars of what? I cannot make a phone call, send a text or get on the internet. So, I did the usual crap, spending two hours on the phone with Total Wireless, 1/2 hour with Verizon, nearly an hour with Family Mobile and an hour with Samsung. No one has a clue, but they all blame the other companies or me. So, entire Sunday, wasted. When I go into Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names, here’s the message that appears: “Unable to view the access point name settings. Access is restricted for the current user profile.” And neither of the first two techniques mentioned above work (I didn’t do “last resort” yet as I have been fooled into doing that before, with no guarantee that it will work — and it has never worked for any of the problems I’ve had over the years– but I am left with hours of work rebuilding my phone (yes, I have complete backups but, as I’ve learned the hard way, having a backup doesn’t get your phone back to the way you had it set up — that all has to be redone, which takes hours). So, unless I’m guaranteed that is going to fix my problem, I’m staying away from the Last Resort for now, because right now I have a brick that is wasting me a lot of time; which is actually better than a wiped brick that will take me hours to restore to being just a regular (restored to the way it was) brick. Any suggestions before wiping it?

    • Dear Paul, Sorry to hear about this issue you are facing. But let’s try something. First, you said your wife’s phone is identical and the switch works. Try these steps:

      1. Use the SIM card from your wife’s phone (in this way, you check if the SIM card you have on your phone works or is faulty. Also, at the same time, insert your SIM card in the phone that managed to make the switch.

      If your wife’s phone works with both SIM cards and your phone doesn’t work either with your wife’s SIM card, then the issue resides with your phone (with the actual device).

      However, if your phone pics signal and actually works with the other SIM, it means that the SIM card you initially used with your phone might be faulty.

      Do the above and let me know how it goes!

    • After almost half a year, GLOBE (Philippines) doesnt allow you to use data even if you finished your contract and eligible for unlocking it. They unlocked it and yes, its only for calls and text. NO DATA. Globe say its Samsung’s problem. All units from Samsung will be like that once unlocked, CALL and TEXT only.. NO DATA. I wonder what Samsung will say about this.

      So all be warned, GLOBE will still hold your neck even if you finished your contract by doing this. This is not Samsung’s problem clearly.

      • You can solve this by changing your csc to whatever country you are in… The only downside is it deletes all your data. It worked for me just change your csc with your new sim in it and the apn will adjust

        • How did you manage to change your CSC? I just flashed new firmware onto my “unlocked” Globe phone (Samsung base firmware for Thailand where I am now located) and the CSC did not change.\? Still cant access the internet (calls and text are fine).

  • My airtel internet was not working for a week. Today i searched and came to this site and probem solved in seconds. Thanks. Used wifi, searched network oprators
    and added APN fresh. Success.

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