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How to check if your Samsung is Network Locked

samsung is network locked

Your Samsung is network locked?

The network lock is a type of lock used by network providers (like Vodafone, AT&T etc) to restrict the use of phones only to their network. So, you are not able to use a SIM card from a different carrier (in your country or when traveling abroad). When trying to use a SIM card from a different carrier your phone will require a network unlock code.

Unlock your Samsung


The easiest way to check if your phone is network locked is by inserting a SIM card from a carrier different than the carrier you originally bought your phone from. If your phone reads one of the following messages, then it’s network locked:

  • “SIM Network Unlock PIN”
  • “Enter Network Lock Control Key”
  • “Network Locked”

Another method to check if your Samsung is network locked is by dialing *#7465625#. A menu will be displayed that will resemble the following:

[ ] Network lock

[ ] Subset  lock

[ ] SP lock

When all lock levels on this menu are OFF, then your phone is unlocked. Having Network Lock ON means that your phone is network locked. If Subset lock is ON then your phone needs a provider unlock code. If SP lock is ON then your Samsung needs a service provider unlock code. We will provide you all these unlock codes.

Unfortunately, this method (*#7465625#) does not work on all Samsung phones. It actually depends on the Android version you have installed on your phone. For some Android versions, when dialing *#7465625# you’ll only get the message “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”.


  • I need help unlocking my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for free i cant afford it rite now if anyone can help

  • I have samsung A8 and I bought it from the second hand shops. I want to unlock my network and I don’t know how since I dont have the first owner’s ID

  • good day people,

    I would like to share that I have purchased a Note 8 from a shop in Vegas. I was advised its factory unlocked and will work with any carrier. I’m currently in Belize and the phone reads absolute no service. It did not requested a code when I inserted my DigiCell sim. I’ve also noted that the I’m unable to change from CDMA to GSM as per the carrier.

    what can I do to change same?

  • So I have a galaxy s8+ and I put my att compatible sim from straight talk in the phone and was able to get my number switched over and service is now active from my old phone everything works I can make and receive calls and get texts but my mobile data isn’t working. Why is this any ideas?

  • My phone was working fine when it was shipped to me here in Nigeria but all of sudden it has the network locked on it . I really dont understand what this means . Now I can’t recieve or make calls

    • Hello, You need to have IMEI number, provider on which the device is locked and then you can place the order at thanks!

    • It means your phone was a contract phone or reported stolen, possibly insurance scam. Basically you got scammed. Unlucky

  • I have a samsung galaxy tab s2 sm-t715 which is network locked. I have tried everything to find out which network it is locked to but have come to a dead end with them all. I dont even know which country the phone network is from that its registered to. Any suggestions as to how i find out would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello, can you please give some more details like IMEI number. We have a separate service with $3 cost and you can send the amount separately to our PayPal account [email protected], send us a transaction ID number and we will have the IMEI report in a few minutes.

  • i have bought a samsung note edge au carrier and have took it to pakistan and now when i insert any other network sim there is a cross symbol on my signal bar though it doesn’t ask for any code.
    please help me.

    • Hello Saad, Nothing to worry. It only just indicates that ur not connected to Mobile data. Once u connect it gets replaced by the data symbol according to your network.

  • I have a used Samsung note 4 that has bell mobility (from Canada) bloatware pre-installed. I live in the US. I was told it is unlocked but when I put my Metro PCS active sim in it says “unregistered sim”. Everything I’ve read suggests that when I put in the foreign sim and then power up I should get a prompt to enter “sim network unlock pin” or “network control key” or some prompt of some kind AT ALL. I do not get any such prompt. But i know the phone is reading my card becuz i see all my contacts and it displays my phone number. Is there a ussd code I can enter to determine what the issue is (network unlock, defreeze, etc) or some diagnostic testing i can run using ussd? It is a SM-N910W8 my Android 6.0.1.

    • I have the same issue with my new Galaxy s10+. Its actually a Verizon phone with almost the damned bloatware bullshit all throughout. I popped my Metro Pcs sim card in. And everytime I turn my phone of and on again I do get a simple message that reads:SIM CARD NOT REGISTERED WITH VERIZON. SO THATS FINE IT WORKS JUST RIGHT OTHERWISE NOW.

  • So I tried dialing this number in my phone and no menu appreed. All that was said was welcome to verizon wireless the number you are calling from is not active or has been canceled. Does this means my network is unlocked because it doesn’t have a proble. Providing me with the network info for this phone son card but it’s a straight talk with a verizon 4g LTE SIM card. Help please lol

  • Hi, I have a Samsung J5 and when I bought it I was told it was unlocked. I used a Vodafone sim there was no network. Not registered on network keeps coming up. Can’t make or receive calls, can’t send or receive text or use mobile data.

    I put all other sims in and still the same except for virgin. Virgin sim works. Is there a fault with the phone? Should I return it?

    • It seems that your Galaxy J2 is networked lock since it requires a sim network code. This means that your phone cannot be unlocked to use for another carrier sim card. Have a look at our site and look for your phone’s model so we can provide you the sim network code. 🙂

  • i will buy moblie note 8 from eBay , the seller said that this mobile will be unlocked. and i will use this mobile out of USA .

    is that mean that mobile will be ok for any network out of USA or not and how to check before buy

    • Dear Ahmed,

      Before you purchase your Note 8 please also check if the phone can use a GSM SIM card and is not restricted to CDMA technology like here:

      Please make sure this phone works with a GSM SIM, even one from the US, like AT&T or T-Mobile. And if it does work, it means you can use it with any other GSM SIM card from outside the US

  • Hi
    I have Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530T has lock of T-Mobile
    how i can unlock and active Sim card
    please have attention for my request

    • Hi Hafiz,

      Can you please let me know if your phone asks for network unlock codes or does it require the Device Unlock App? Let me know!

  • I have a problem for some time with Messenger, it shuts off suddenly and I do not know why. This has been happening since I made an update to version 7.0 of Android (unofficial). I have a Huawei p9 lite 2017. What can I do ??

  • i have samsung g5700 n the problem is when i dail ussd code for balance check it calls directly n.say number u.dail is.incorrect..i.have prblm in sms also i.only get sms bt when i send it always show failed…can u plz help me.i m frm nepal

    • Hi Binod, the issues you are facing with your phone are not caused by network lock levels. It may be a hardware issue, in which case you should take your phone to a repair center.

  • Hi,l got a Samsung galaxy j1 that l am trying to unlock its network,but thing is l don’t remember which network it is locked to…the phone was bought in Australia.

  • I have a Samsung dual sim phone. I have 2 SIM cards on two different networks. One of them works and the other one doesnt work. What can I do?

    • Hi. It may have a technical problem. It is best to go to the shop from where you bought it for a check, and if is a problem to be sent in the warranty.

  • I bought a gift for my brother a Samsung galaxy S7 neverlock phone. To be sure that is neverlock I followed the steps outlined in the article.
    But it’s a problem, when I use his SIM card the phone does not recognize it, but when I use mine, it works. What can I do? First time I thought the phone was coded or something, but I checked twice and the same answer.

    • Hi Uzoma. There may be a problem with the SIM card. It is best to go to your mobile network provider to replace the SIM card.
      This should fix the problem you have.
      Have a nice day!

  • I followed the steps in the article and found out that it was blocked. Does anyone know to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3’s sim network? It’s locked to Three network. Will rooting it or putting a custom rom on it to unlock the network?

  • Hi, I need a network unlock code for my Samsung Galxy S6 EDGE. I tried everything but every time, I have a negative answer. Now I’m living in Belgium and I need my phone for another network.

    • Hi there,

      Does your phone ask for the network unlock code? If it does and if you know the network on which this phone is locked, feel free to place an order.

      If you do not know the network on which this phone is locked, please refer to our support desk

  • hello I have a samsung grand prime, it keeps showing emergency calls only
    how can I take the emergency calls only out?

  • I’ve called *#7465625# and I received the message “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”. What can be the problem?

    • Clay.
      This method does not work on all Samsung models and depends on the Android version of the phone.
      Another way to find out if your phone is Netwok Locked is to insert a SIM card from a different carrier and call a person. If the call works then the phone is Neverlocked.

  • Just what I bought a Samsung Galaxy J3 2017, and my former phone was a Samsung s1, but the SIM card does not fit. Can it cut in some way to work?

    • Hi ‘Avshalom.
      It is best to go with your SIM card at any phone shop or GSM service to cut the card correctly to work on your phone.
      Have a nice day!

  • For a week I asked for the unlock code for a Samsung J3 2017 and I did not get it. Can the problem be solved?

    • Hi Jaroslava.
      Yes it’s possible. You have to access the link in the article, “Unlock your Samsung”, and your phone is present in the model list.
      I hope I could help you!

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