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How to Unlock Galaxy A2 Core from Samsung Using Unlock Codes

Here is a step-by-step guide about how to unlock Galaxy A2 Core from Samsung using unlocking codes to work on any GSM Network.


So you’ve finally got your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy A2 Core, but sadly, it’s network locked! No worries though, as you can easily get it network unlocked with this post.

This guide is everything that you need to know on how you can successfully unlock Samsung Galaxy A2 Core: where to purchase the code, what the steps are, and the instructions on how you can easily enter the code on your phone. 

So worry no more as the whole process is very simple, and it will take you just a few minutes, and you don’t even need any technical skills for it!

So why do you need to unlock it in the first place? Well, glad you asked….

Unlock Benefits

You will have numerous benefits if you unlock Galaxy A2 Core, like the freedom to use your Samsung with any network carrier around the world. This includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Claro, Orange, O2, SFR, Fido, TIM, Telus, Rogers, and many others.

Aside from what was mentioned earlier, having a network unlocked Samsung Galaxy A2 Core avoids ridiculously expensive roaming fees when you travel abroad by having the freedom to use a local SIM.  You will also be increasing the resell value of your phone too! Not to mention that a network unlock phone is always easier to sell as well.  It’s practically a much better phone that what it was before!

So, let’s get you started on this short tutorial about how to unlock Samsung Galaxy A2 Core.

Step 1: Where do I get the unlock code?

You will obtain the unlock code from, an online platform for unlocking mobile phones, including the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core. It’s a guaranteed and professional service, used by thousands of people that need to unlock their phones, from all over the world.

Get Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Unlock Code

Step 2: What is the process flow?

Here’s what you have to do to get the unlock code:

1. Go to Here you will find an order form, which needs to be filled with some details.

  2. In the yellow box enter the IMEI of your phone. This is a 15 digit number that is unique to each phone. You can find it by dialing *#06# on your phone. The unlock code that you will receive totally depends on this IMEI number, so be sure to fill in the correct one.

3. Select the country and network your phone is locked to. Attention! Do not select the network where you want to use your phone now, but the one that you originally bought your phone from.

4. Fill in your email address where you want to receive the unlock code. Be sure to correctly write your email address, otherwise, the unlock code will be sent to the wrong address.

5. Make sure you check the Terms and Conditions (also available here) and check the box confirming that you’ve read them. Then, click Add To Cart.

6. The last step is the payment. You can pick from three different prices, depending on how fast you want the code. Also, there are two payment methods you can use to purchase the Samsung Galaxy A2 Core unlock code: PayPal or Credit Card. Pick the one that is most convenient for you and proceed to payment.

Once the order has been placed you will receive a confirmation email and after a while, you will receive the unlock code for your Galaxy A2 Core.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Now!

You can also check out our video and see how the whole process goes:

Step 3: How do I insert the code to unlock my Samsung Galaxy A2 Core?

  • Insert a SIM from a different carrier on your phone, different than the one you’re currently using.
  • Wait until your phone reads “Enter Unlock Code” or “SIM Network Unlock Pin”.
  • Using your keyboard, type the unlock code into the blank field and tap the “Unlock now” button.
  • The message “Network Unlock Successful” will be displayed.

If your phone does not ask for the unlock code and it only says “Network Locked” then, as if making a call, dial: #7465625*638*#. Once prompted for code enter the unlock code and your phone will be unlocked.

If this method doesn’t work, you check out our Samsung Help Section. More solutions to other Samsung-related issues can be found here.

How to Unlock a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy A2 Core

If you own an A2 Core locked on the Magenta carrier’s network, the procedure is slightly different, but the results are exactly the same!

Everything is done through the Device Unlock App, which you should already have on your phone, without using any codes. In order to unlock it, you need to follow these steps:

  • Check the status of your phone and make sure it’s registered as Unlocked or Eligible in T-Mobile’s database, which enables you to use the app. More details about what makes a phone Eligible for unlocking can be found here.
  • Place your order using and wait for their email, confirming that the phone’s status in the T-Mobiel database was changed.
  • Insert a T-Mobile SIM in the phone and turn on your Wi-Fi connection.

device unlock app

  • Open the Device Unlock App, select Continue, then Permanent Unlock. In a few moments, your A2 Core will reboot and will be unlocked.

Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Safe, Fast and Secure!

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