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How to Unlock Galaxy Tab S6 from Samsung using Unlock Codes

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock  Galaxy Tab S6 from Samsung using unlocking codes to work on any GSM Network:


In this tutorial, you’ll find all the details you need, to know on how to successfully unlock your device: Where to get the code from, what necessary steps and process to follow, and how to use the unlock code on your phone.  There’s nothing to worry about the entire process as it is very straightforward and easy to follow.  It will only take a few minutes of your time, and will not require technical knowledge.

So, here are the steps that you need to follow:


Step 1: Where do I get the unlock code for my phone?

Get the unlock code from it’s a website dedicated to unlocking mobile phones, including Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 unlock. It’s a guaranteed and professional service. Thousands of people are using it to unlock their phones.

Get Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Unlock Code


Step 2: How does it work?

Please watch this video to properly understand how the process works:

Unlock Benefits

Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will have several benefits if you decide to unlock it.  Here are a few of them: the freedom to use your LG with any other network carriers around the world, including T-Mobile, Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, Claro, SFR, O2, TIM, Fido, Rogers, and many more. Another perk is you will no longer have to suffer from high roaming fees and you will automatically raise the value of your phone.


Follow these steps to get the unlock code for your phone:

1. Go to

2. In the yellow field enter your mobile phone’ IMEI number. That’s the 15 digit number that is unique for any phone. You’ll find the IMEI of your phone by dialing *#06#. It will be displayed on the screen. Another way to retrieve the IMEI of your LG is to grab the battery out and read it from the sticker located below the battery. The unlock code that you’ll receive is determined by the correctness of your IMEI number, so make certain to complete the right IMEI.

3. Select the country and network your phone is locked to. Attention! Do not select the network where you want to use your phone now, but the one that you originally bought your phone from.

4. Fill in your email address where you want to receive the unlock code. Be sure to correctly write your email address, otherwise, the unlock code will be sent to the wrong email address.

5. The last step is payment. There are 2 payment methods you can use to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 unlock code: PayPal and Credit Card. Pick the one that is most convenient for you and proceed to payment.

Once the order has been placed you will receive a confirmation email and after a while, you will receive the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Unlock your Samsung device Now!


Step 3: How do I unlock my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 by code?

Insert another carrier SIM into your LG, other than the original SIM card.

– Wait until your phone reads “Enter Unlock Code” or “Sim Network Unlock Pin”.

Enter the unlock code into the blank field.

– The message “Network Unlock Successful” will be displayed.

If your phone does not ask for the unlock code and it only says “Network Locked” then, as if making a call, dial: 2945#*model number# or *#865625#. Once prompted for code enter the unlock code and your phone will be unlocked.

Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 safe, Fast and Secure!

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