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Your Instagram video won’t upload? This is how you can solve this!

Instagram video won't upload

In most cases, Instagram doesn’t have any problem with uploading pictures, so all your followers can see them. However, there are some situations in which Instagram video won’t upload, the social network acts a bit tricky. Yes, I’m talking about those situations in which Instagram won’t upload videos, no matter what you try.

Users complain that after preparing everything, they just get the “There was an issue importing your video. Please try again.” message or the upload gets stuck. If this happened to you as well and look for a fix, you’re in the right place.

Let’s see understand why this is happening how to solve this issue, by going to a few simple steps.

Why is my video not uploading?

After investigating a bit, it looks like there are a few for this:

Your video is not supported

Instagram requires a video file to have the following characteristics:

  • Formats: H.264 codec / MP4
  • Resolution: maximum width 1080 pixels (1080P)
  • Frame Rate: 29.96 frames per second
  • Bit Rate: 3,500 kbps video bitrate
  • Audio codec: AAC audio codec at 44.1 kHz mono
  • Duration: 3 to 60 seconds

However, most phones make compatible videos. Unless it’s longer than 60 seconds or you want to upload a 4K clip, you shouldn’t get this error very often.

You have a problem with your account

Again, less likely to happen, but you should at least consider this. Your Instagram video won’t upload because your account is either block or disabled.

You have a poor network connection

This is actually one of the most common issues why you can’t upload videos. Simply check your Wi-Fi connection or data plan, making sure they’re on. If they’re on and the problem persists, turn them off, then on again.

It was reported that uploading videos on Instagram, doesn’t work on restricted connections, like those from University and workplaces.

You are uploading content that’s not allowed

Believe it or not, some users try uploading videos that violate Instagram’s terms and conditions, being classified as X-rated or violent. Never try uploading such things, because it won’t work. Eventually, if it makes it to the social network, it will be deleted immediately.

What should I do if my Instagram video won’t upload?

If you have checked the above steps and none of them describes your issue, but your video is still not uploading, there are a few things you can try in order to fix this.

Relaunch the app

Simple as that. Close the app, then open it again and try uploading the video.

Clear the app’s cache

Instagram takes a lot of cache memory. Go to Settings > Apps > Instagram and tap on it. Look for the Clear Cache option and tap on it.

Update your app

Make sure that you have the latest Instagram version on your phone. Go to Google Play and see if it’s up to date.

Charge your phone

Some users say that this problem appears when the phone has a very low battery. Try putting the phone on charge and see if the problem persists.

Restart your phone

If any of these fail, a simple phone reboot can actually be the solution.

Wait. It’s a bug

I know, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but these things also happen, resulting in your video not uploading.

Usually, when such problems occur, Instagram announces the problem on social media. Check their accounts and see if there’s something like that actually causing your problem.

If no announcement was made yet, search for the hashtag #Instagram and see if other users are complaining about the same thing as well.

Which one of these tips worked for you? Also, if you know any potential solutions for the case in which your Instagram video won’t upload, let us know about them, using the comments section below.


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    My partner’s been more open than ever in the past almost a year about his anxiety, How it’s annoying for him, And how concerns over what other people online (inclusive of me) Think of him affects his way of life. I’m trying my best to be support, But am also really pressing him to seek out qualified who can help him out with this. That effort is happening (Though it’s been stop and start due to fear on his part that it will all be a waste of money if it doesn’t help him). to the mean time, I think he’s actually working on the problem inside the kitchen,more than ever before (He certainly is apparently trying more things than he used to), But he says the brain impact of his anxiousness is much more acute. that can be, He feels anxious on a regular, And it bothers him more than previously.

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    We’ve always valued being honest and forthright in the same room, And in fact, I think we’re still doing very well at it. But slightly more open he is about his anxiety, The less certified I feel to help him. My schedule and stress level isn’t helping things, one of two. I want to do better, But it’s hard to have somebody be dependent on you to drive everything (Even when I’m aware that as mental medical conditions impacting our relationship go, we could be much, Much poorer). most of all, I envy supportive of his desire [url=][/url] to change things, While remembering that right now he’s still in near total paralysis beyond the realization that hey, it isn’t really how he wants to live his life.

    So I guess I’m looking for your advice and experiences that might help us as we think about how to get through this and be good to one another. anxiety sufferers, What did you ask, Or wish you had asked from your better half in a similar situation? support partners/spouses, What strategies did/do you use to be there for your SO and how do you make sure to deal with yourself, exceedingly?

    Anonymous because even a slim chance of being identifiable via the internet is an anxiety triggering concept for my partner.

    Posted by anonymous to Human interaction (7 response total) 8 users marked this as well-liked

    weight loss be a spouse and a therapist to the same person. I know because i tried for 8 years. Keep pressing for specialist and believe in it yourself that it will help even if your partner needs to change until they find the right person to help.

    circulated by gomichild at 12:51 pm hours on July 6, 2011 [6 absolute favorites]

    You sound like you guys are really good at trying to be good to each other remember that also means you have to look out for yourself, along with your partner.

    you need to be very clear about your needs, And your needs right now include not having to spend a lot of one’s on his anxiety. Explain that his seeing a professional is something you require almost as much as he does. that you are currently ok with it not helping right away, Or with his needing to find another therapist if the first isn’t a good fit. But that he needs to focus on his anxiety with skilled right now for Both your sakes.

    be the anxiety talking, Trying desperately to preserve itself.

    When fear is keeping from failing (by preserving you from trying), The scariest thing you can go to do is to get over the fear.

    sent in by BrashTech at 12:58 evening on July 6, 2011 [1 well-known]

    I agree that explaining that his going to therapy is something he’s doing FOR you not TO you is just common sense. I think it would also be beneficial for him to get some sort of part time job. Having a lot of unstructured time is POISON if you have anxiety/depression. I can’t speculate what has to be a good fit for him, Since if he’s got social anxiety old fashioned retail type work might be too stressful, But finding anything to do to be productive even if its only a couple days a week can be a big help. it will also give him events to build the rest of his week around.

    written by dadici at 1:10 pm hours on July 6, 2011 [1 beloved]

    My spouses’s anxiety have been caused by gluten. It went away after he started a GF diet. Too weird quite besides. In reading through through up on food intolerance, I found the Failsafe diet people sometimes report the same principle. The Failsafe diet lessens food chemicals such as amines and/or salicylates

    created by egk at 2:28 evening on July 6, 2011 [1 choice of]

    I have tastes similar to your husband’s, Am married and also faced some similar issues.

    what a sticky set of problems. It’s totally reasonable that you are worried and frustrated by your husband’s stuckness but it’s hard to say anything about it without confirming his fears that you are unhappy with him, Thus playing strait into the hands of the anxiety. “supporting” Statements from you will probably be viewed with suspicion. He will be well aware that you could sometimes be trying to squelch your true feelings, Which can only undermine his trust in what you say while doing nothing to really help him feel better.

    It’s vital not to confuse his problems (That anxiety is offering him back, Making his life extra compact, producing feel bad) together with problems (you’ll fee worried, bothered, stressed, and the like.). Try to own personal feelings, be sure he understands honestly about those feelings, And make your own decisions about what’s meets your needs in the light of those feelings. When he chooses to talk, Listen carefully and attentively, And imitate back what you’ve heard, wholly understood and empathized with. Do this without adding a lot of reactive commentary. do not allow the line between his feelings and yours get muddied.

    As spotted above, You cannot be his wife and his therapist all at once, And you are not qualified to be his therapist. Some therapy is very likely to be useful to him somewhere along the line, But weight loss make him go. Try to reinforce his positive choices, brand new wii console feed the anxiety by attacking it directly.

    released by jon1270 at 4:40 pm hours on July 6, 2011

    Go with him to his initial few sessions. Not interior of, And not all the sessions but follow him at first. Don’t cause him to do it alone.

    No one ever did that for me a boy, But 20 prolonged time later, my better half did. It felt as promised!

    When I left your place of work, He greeted me with a big smile. It felt so good to have someone attend to me in that manner, immaterial I had ever known before.

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  • The option select videos does not appear only select photos
    Can any find solution for this

  • I can upload pictures only , I can’t upload videos.
    Using the app i can upload videos to the story only not to post .
    Using the website after i press on + to upload , only pictures appears, no videos
    , please help

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