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Ora puoi sbloccare il telefono utilizzando l'app UnlockUnit che puoi trovare su Google Play. È facile, sicuro e protetto ottenere il codice di sblocco per Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC o Blackberry per utilizzarlo con qualsiasi rete GSM. Puoi anche guadagnare usando questa app per sbloccare i telefoni dei tuoi amici!

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Use your phone with any network

The main benefit of unlocking your phone is that you will use it with any GSM network in your country and around the world.

Save money when travelling

With an unlocked phone you will avoid expensive roaming fees when travelling abroad by using a local carrier SIM.

Earn money by reselling codes

With UnlockUnit App you can not only unlock your phone, but you can also unlock your friends' phones and earn a comission for each phone you unlock.

Increase your phone's value

By unlocking your phone you will reach a higher mass of potential buyers in case you want to sell it, therefore you can sell your phone at a better price.

Download UnlockUnit App

Go to Google Play, search for UnlockUnit App and download it. You can use the application to unlock your own phone. You can also earn money by unlocking your friend's phones.

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Check availability and place the order

After you download the application, fill in the IMEI of your phone, the country and network your phone is locked to, and check the availability of the unlock code and the price. Make the payment through our secure payment methods: PayPal, credit card or Skrill.

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Receive the code and unlock your phone

You will receive the unlock code on your email and instructions on how to enter the code on your phone. Insert the code and your phone will be unlocked.

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Con l'app mobile UnlockUnit puoi sbloccare il telefono e persino guadagnare denaro sbloccando i telefoni dei tuoi amici.