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3 common Samsung Galaxy s5 charger cable issues and how to fix them

Despite being a relatively old model, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still being used by quite a lot of people. After all, it’s one of the manufacturer’s flagships, which, at the moment when it was released, it was among the most powerful handsets on the market.

However, there are some problems with it, which can be very frustrating, especially if you encounter them often. For example, users claim that they’re having trouble with the Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable. If you’re among them, we have some good news: we’ve identified most of them and put together a guide with solutions, so you can keep using your Galaxy S5 for a longer time.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable is not recognized

By far the most common problem, according to users, this can be very frustrating, since it leaves you with no options to charge the phone. Specifically, the phone starts to charge, shows the charging battery icon, but then it stops and the icon goes away. And it does the same thing with any other charger and cable.

In this situation, you can try the following tips:

  • Take out the battery. First of all, turn off the phone, take off the battery – yes, the Galaxy S5 has a removable power pack – and leave it like this for a minute. After this, reinsert the battery. By doing this, you’re discharging the phone’s circuit and clear out the RAM. Turn on your phone and see if the issue persists. 
  • Do a factory reset. Before, consider performing a full backup, so you won’t lose any data. Also, don’t install any new app on the phone yet, because the issue can also be caused by a faulty app. After the reset, try charging your phone and see if it works. 
  • Try inserting a new battery in the phone and see if it’s charging with your cable.

The charger cable doesn’t work all of a sudden

In a situation like this, there are two possible factors causing the problem. First of all, it could be the Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable itself. Secondly, it could be caused by the phone.

Try following the next troubleshooting steps and see if the issue is fixed:

  • Use a different charger, completely different than the one that’s behaving, but with the same features. Also try charging another device with this new charger, in order to see if it’s the phone or the cable causing the problem. 
  • Clean the phone’s charging port. There are a lot of situations in which people simply can’t charge their phones due to the dirt or debris stuck in the port, as it interferes with the charging process. To clean it, use a can of compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol. 
  • Remove the battery, then press and hold the power button for a minute. This process will discharge the phone’s circuit, but also clear out the RAM. Reinsert the battery and power on the phone. 
  • Wipe the phone’s cache partition, through Recovery Mode. This will delete all the temporary data in the phone which could cause the problem. You can do it following these steps:
    • Turn off the phone
    • Press and hold the Power Button, Volume Up key and the Home Button simultaneously
    • Release the buttons when you see the Samsung logo, with the text ‘Recovery booting’ written in blue at the top of the screen
    • You will now be taken to the Android System Recovery screen
    • Use the volume buttons to highlight Wipe Cache Partition
    • Confirm the selection using the Power Button
    • In a few moments, you should see a notification at the bottom of the screen, which confirms that the cache was cleared
    • Highlight the Reboot System Now option using the volume keys
    • Press the Power button to confirm

Charging with a third-party cable doesn’t work

Some people reported that charging their phones using a different cable doesn’t work. Specifically, we’re talking about something else than the original Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable, like one from another manufacturer, or even a new, original charger.

If your phone doesn’t work with any other charger, except the one you got in the box, you can also troubleshoot the problem, by trying to move or bend the USB cable until the phone detects it and starts charging.

Sometimes, even reputed manufacturers can make faulty products and charging cables are an example. In this case, it can be a loose connection in the USB cable itself or the phone’s charging port. To check the latter and eventually clean it, you will find instructions above.

If this doesn’t work, you can try wiping the cache partition as well, using the instructions from the previous step.

And there you have them, folks! These are three of the most common Samsung Galaxy S5 charger cable issue users complain about. If you’re still relying on the handset and dealing with them, let us know if these solutions worked, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


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