How to Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy S8

fake samsung galaxy s8 cover

A fake Samsung Galaxy S8? Yes, don’t be that surprised, the market is full of them!

There’s no doubt: the Galaxy S8 is the most popular smartphone of the moment and everybody wants to get their hands on it! And we can totally relate. The Korean manufacturer managed, for the third year in a row, to release an amazing handset, which was already praised by most tech authorities and users all over the world. Still, it has a tiny problem…It’s expensive!

The fact that a Galaxy S8 doesn’t come for cheap isn’t much of a surprise, because, after all, we’re talking about a flagship, which basically is a smartphone offering the latest technologies and a premium design. And believe us, it’s not cheap to build one either, so the manufacturer needs to make a profit.

Too good to be true!

A lot of people, in their attempt to get one, start looking for offers from various sources, including eBay, Craigslist or even some shady sites where they will eventually find some great deals. To be more specific, some of them are actually too good to be true! Potential buyers can get unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 units for ridiculously low prices, thus raising some serious question marks.

Because things are not always fair in life, a lot of them end up buying replicas of the original Galaxy S8, which are just some cheap knockoffs, just looking like the actual phone, fooled by a small price. But this situation can be avoided!

We’ve put together a short guide on how to spot a fake Samsung Galaxy S8 if you prefer buying it from another place than an authorized dealer. Let’s begin, shall we?

Check the box

Presuming that you will receive the phone in the original box, it should be enough to give you a few hints about the phone’s quality. The original box is completely black and has ‘S8′ written on the front, in a shiny blue font. Also, the entire name of the phone is mentioned in the upper left corner, written in white, while the storage capacity is on the bottom left corner, also in white.

As for the back of the box, it has a lot of information about the handset, as you can see in the image below:

galaxy s8 plus box

In order to have an even clearer idea about these fake boxes, check out this image. We’ll let you decide which one of these houses a fake Samsung Galaxy S8…fake galaxy s8 box

However, there are a lot of scammers out there, who can sell a cheap copy in an original box, so let’s move on to the next aspect you should check.

Check the accessories you get in the box

A genuine Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with several accessories in the box, as well as some paperwork. To be more specific, you should get:

  • Wall/USB Charger
  • Micro USB Connector
  • Stereo Headset
  • USB Connector
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Product Safety & Warranty Brochure

If you’re missing any of these, from a sealed box, we have some bad news for you: you’re about to buy a fake Samsung Galaxy S8.

Check the USB port

If you are allowed to open the phone’s box, there’s one first thing you should check: the USB port. As you probably know, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a USB Type-C port at the bottom, like most recent flagships (and not only) do. To be more specific, it should look like this:

samsung galaxy s8 usb type-c
Fortunately, the 3.5mm jack is still there!

However, a Chinese knock-off will come with a microUSB port, like older models. If the one you’re about to buy also has one, stay away from it and search elsewhere.

Check the rear camera setup

While a genuine model looks like this on the back, a fake Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a completely different camera setup.

galaxy s8 camera
Smooth and simple. This is an original Galaxy S8’s camera setup.

If you see that the sensors aren’t placed in the correct position, then it’s obvious that the phone is a fake. Speaking about the camera, try taking some photos with it and see if the quality matches that of these sample images.

Look for the Bixby button

On the left of the phone should be a new button, beneath the volume buttons, able to activate Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant. If it’s missing or it doesn’t do anything, you’re holding a fake Samsung Galaxy S8.

bixby button
This is how the proper Bixby button looks like!

Check the Android version

A genuine variant of the phone comes with Android 7.0 (or higher) out of the box. Go to Settings > About > Software information, in order to check the version, and see if the one you’re about to buy is showing the same thing. Usually, fake models have Android 6.0 or even older versions.

Compare the possible fake Samsung Galaxy S8 with an original model

If you’re still suspicious about the quality of the phone, you still have one more thing you can try! If your seller agrees, take the phone to a shop that sells electronics and compare it with an S8 you can find there. Like this, you will be able to see if there’s something fishy with it.

Watch the devices from all angles and see if there are any differences between them. All ports and buttons should be in the same place, while the weight should be the same, as well as the size. Don’t forget to check for any other signs which you consider important. Just take a look at how some knockoffs look like:

fake samsung galaxy s8
Galaxy S8 edge?! They’re not even trying…

And this wraps it up, folks! These should be enough to help any potential customer decide if the device they’re holding and are ready to buy is a fake Samsung Galaxy S8 or the real deal. Hopefully, none of you will end up with a cheap Chinese copy instead of the actual flagship, but, nowadays, you never know…

What are your thoughts on these tips? Do you know any other aspects that should be considered before purchasing which we might have missed? Let us know about them, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below!


  • This is sad. Unfortunately, there are countless people who just want money and who sell fake phones, and uninformed and willing people buy without looking at quality and unfortunately are fools. Maybe with this article you will attract the attention of naive people.

    • Hello Ania.
      This is the purpose of the article, to inform potential buyers to be more cautious when they want to buy a phone, in this case a Samsung Galaxy S8.
      The market is full of fake phones and many of them are very similar to the original ones.

  • Hello.If you are a little careful when you want to buy a s8 on the look it is quite difficult to be fooled. There are quite large differences between the original and the fake one.

    • Hi Meino.
      To be 100% sure you buy an original phone, we recommend buying it from authorized stores, so there’s no chance of being fooled.

  • Hi guys.
    I’ve been a iPhone user for the past 3 years and am very exciting about my first S8 plus. I got a really good price from ebay and it seems like others have used them without issues but I’m now a bit paranoid.
    Once I get the phone are there any surefire ways to confirm the phone is 100% genuine?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Mireia.
      To be 100% sure, we recommend you to read very carefully the article about s8 fake and check every thing that is presented.
      You can also go to an authorized GSM Service.They will definitely give you an answer if your phone is original or fake.
      Have a nice day!

  • I had a Samsung Galaxy S8 for one weeks and didn’t experienced problems, but first thing i did was do some benchmarks and check if they are simillar with other people’s S8 s. My S8 scored on antutu 174k first time. But only now I considered of doing it again and I was shocked by the results S8 scored 114k. So is there any chance of this being a fake one?

    • Hi. I do not think you should worry about your phone. The application that provided these results may have some technical problem.
      However, to make sure there is no problem with your phone, you can check the IMEI number, and if it is a valid one then the phone is an original one.
      Or you can take every step of our article and check the phone, but anyway, the chances are very small that your phone to be fake.
      Enjoy it!

  • I have a samsung s8 for a week and I can say it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. It’s worth all the money. Better you give a money and you have the quality than to give to all the fake phones. The screen is simply spectacular.

    • Hi Rodrigo.
      Yes, quality must be the first place for any buyer. This version is really good, and samsung managed to make a good comeback after what happened with note 7.
      Have a nice day

    • Hi.
      Yes, it is true that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not a phone for all pockets, but I think quality is good.
      Instead of buying a fake phone at half price, you better wait for a while.
      The price of the phone will definitely drop after the appearance of Samsung Galaxy s9 and so the phone will be more accessible.

  • Hello, a friend of mine is looking for those AKG earbuds. He found some of them priced around 15-20€. Are they legit? Is it possible they are legit when priced that low?

    • Hello Kofi.
      It’s pretty hard to say. To make sure that headphones are original, it would be best to check the quality of the material and the sound. This can also be done at an authorized service or compared with some 100% original from an authorized shop.

  • I wanted to buy a s8 from a seller. The box seemed to be the original one, so did the accessories. After I took the phone in my hand I thought it didn’t have the same quality as an original phone. And to see the surprise, he did not even have the bixby button…

    • Hi.
      You need to be more careful before you buy a phone. To be sure you buy what you want, I recommend you to buy it from an authorized store.

  • Hello, Few days ago I purchased a fast wireless charger with a adaptive fast charger. I am using both of these to do fast wireless charging for my S8. The fast wireless charger and the adapative fast charger are fake but even so when I charge my phone it does register as fast wireless charging and charges normally. Because of them being fake, will this damage my S8 and/or its battery?

    • Hello
      I would never use a fake charger. They may work ok, but it’s not worth risking an expensive flagship phone for.
      Guarantee won’t cover it if anything happens.
      I recommend you to spend a few extra dolars and get a genuine Samsung one, but now it is your decision.

    • Hello Duygu
      It depends on your budget and your need. The S9 will be a fairly expensive phone, but not with major improvements. I think you better wait for the s9 launch to get a cheaper s8.
      All the best!

  • hello.I tested the camera of a original samsung s8, but also of a fake samsung s8. The difference is very high, the quality of the original s8 is significantly superior to the fake one.

    • Hello
      This means quality and, at the same time, that it is the purpose of our articles. To help people to buy original and quality gadgets.

    • Hi
      I know it’s hard to believe, but it happened quite often.
      With too much desire to buy a last generation phone, they hurry and buy fake phones.

  • HI guys… I live in Asia and fakes are getting better and better. I’m thinking to buy a galaxy s8 that has a fair price, claiming they need emergency cash. How can i check its not completely fake or damaged?Any idea?

    • Hello
      There are a few ways you can find out if your phone is genuine. But the best and the safest is to compare it to an original one. You can go with him to a store that sells this type of phone.
      You can compare the look of both phones and the android version and also the interface.

  • Is it really so important to charge my phone with my original charger? I lost the charger from samsung, but I still have one with USB type C from Lg.

    • It is not essential, but it is advisable.
      It is important that a phone be loaded as much as possible with the original charger. This way the battery will not suffer in long-term and you will also have the fast charge offered by the Samsung chargers.

    • Hi Almog.
      It is best to wait until the s9 is launched so that the price s8 will drop considerably.

    • Samsung Galaxy s8 has a USB Type-C port compared to the fake one that comes with the microUSB port.
      Also can be an important aspect to differentiate an original Galaxy S8 from a fake one.

  • I am very impressed abou the s8 battery. It charges very fast and its duration is very long. Samsung did a good job with s8.

    • Hello Tommy.
      This is true. Also the team was impressed by this aspect of the phone. With a normal use of the phone, the battery managed to run for more than a day.
      It’s pretty impressive.

  • Hie I bought a Samsung galaxy s8+ everything functions well except for the storage part ,my phone keeps on complaining about storage but I have searched for the root of the problem and I couldn’t find it….please help!

    • Hi Niki, Can you let me know what is the internal storage size of your phone? Also, are you using an SSD card with your phone? Please let me know.

    • Samsung Galaxy S8 has a fairly good battery life of over 7 hours of use. So you should be able to use it for at least a day without any problem.

    • HI. Both the device are quite similar in terms of overall looks and hands-on feel.
      So the only difference is that Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus comes with a larger display and battery.

    • There are some people who can not afford to buy an original Samsung Galaxy S8 and so resort to other alternatives. Even if they do not get the same quality they are willing to do this.

  • Which is a better phone between Galaxy A8 Plus and Galaxy S8? I want to buy one of them and I’m pretty indecisive, but I wait an opinion.

    • In in my suggestion you should go for Samsung Galaxy S8.
      The best feature in it is Wireless Charging and Quick Charging. So if you are looking to buy a splendid smartphone with budget not being a barrier, Samsung Galaxy S8 should be a better option.

  • Try to buy your phone at official Samsung shop or at your mobile service provider and you will have nothing to worry about. And I believe nowadays users know very much about products that they are using these days, so it is harder and harder to scam them with fake phone.

    • The biggest differences between Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are:
      -Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus comes with 6.2 inches screen in comparison of 5.8 inches in Samsung Galaxy S8. So the display configuration is the same in the two devices.
      -Samsung Galaxy S8 plus comes with a better 3500 mAh battery capacity in comparison to 3000 mAh battery capacity in Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • Just got the s8 yesterday and I’m planning to use the device without a screen protector. Does your phone have scratches from not using one?

    • I use a Samsung Galaxy S8 and yes, my phone has a lot of scratches before using a screen protector. I recommend you to use one too

  • There you can see, how overpriced the Normal Smart Phones are…. You only pay for the Name, its maybe not that good, but for this Price its very very nice.

    • It’s true, but buying a fake phone involves some risks. You can not be sure when you use an original phone. Even if the price is lower and the quality is the same.

    • No, it should not have problems.
      The phone it is powered by two quad-core processors clocking speeds of 2.3GHz and 1.7GHz respectively with ample amount of 4GB of RAM which makes the device work smooth.

  • I had S8 for almost 2 weeks and I didn’t experienced problems, but first thing i did was do some benchmarks and check if are simillar with other people’s S8’s. My S8 scored on antutu 174k first time. But only now I considered of doing it again and I was shocked by the results S8 scored 114k.
    So is there any chance of this being a fake one??

    • If the phone has a valid IMEI number, you should not worry about anything, it’s a valid device. This application can sometimes cause mistakes and give erroneous results. I recommend you enjoy your phone.

  • Hi, guys!
    I have new Samsung Galaxy S8 clone mt6580.
    The storage shows 64Gb, but when I try to install some App, they say insufition storage. I use only 1Gb!
    What should i do?

    • It’s hard to say. On a fake phone, what the box says does not always match with what the phone shows. That’s why buying a fake phone involves some risks

  • Hi!

    A week ago, I received my galaxy s8+. The phone worked properly, until it didn’t charge fast anymore… everytime I plug in my charging cable a pop-up appears saying that it can only charge slow and I had to be sure that the charger was plugged in properly.

    • Android is a open source, so it’s free to install on any device you wish, whether a fake or real

  • I have purchased used phones on eBay, but I always buy factory locked phones. no fake phone can be factory locked. this is the easy way to buy a real phone.

    • Hi Roger, that’s true, it’s always an indication of real phones. But if the seller has the phone blacklisted or with outstanding balances? You still need to take that into account.

  • am holding a fake Samsung S8 7 with an andriod version of 6.1
    Thanks now i wont bost in front of peolpe

    • Hi Chandra, we’re not so sure if you’re referring to the phone screen display or if you’re looking for an original screen display part for your Samsung S9. If you are referring to the display part, you might want to check out Samsung’s Warranty page. Here’s a quick link to guide you properly.

  • hi, i bought samsung s8 plus in japan 5months ago in AU store and just now i notice that the back of my phone has GALAXY written on it instead of SAMSUNG? but i doubt this is fake because i bought it in authorize store. whats the difference between GALAXY and SAMSUNG written on the back of my phone?

    • Some Samsung devices have specific back labeling specific to certain countries. The best option for you to check if you have a geniune S8 is to bring it the service center and have the warranty authenticated. 🙂

    • Some fake S8 phones does have a Bixby button but are reported to not have the functionality its suppose to do.

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