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How to convert 3GP files to MP3

There are still a lot of smartphones out there that shoot videos in the 3GP format. And even though the image is not always the best, the sound can be pretty good, making you want to somehow extract just the...

PlayStation 3
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How to play MKV files on PS3

A PlayStation is more than just a simple gaming console since it can also be used for listening to movies or watching movies. Yeah, it’s that awesome! However, it’s not perfect, so it doesn’t support all types of formats. For...

MKV files with no sound
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How to fix MKV files with no sound

Even though it’s relatively new, the MKV format is very popular nowadays. It’s a multimedia container format, able to combine audio, video and subtitles into a single file, hence being widely used for DVD and Blu-Ray movies. Yes, they’re here...

Play mob files on Android
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How to play mov files on Android devices

You’ve probably come across mov files until now. It’s a media format developed by Apple, compatible with Macintosh and Windows, but not that Android friendly. However, if you want to play mov files on Android, there’s no need to be...