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VR game design

How can I learn VR game design?

Virtual reality is rapidly growing, taking the entertainment industry by storm. And game development studios are widely aware of this, so they're adapting to the latest trends. Lately, I saw a lot of amazing titles which can be played using...

WoW VR Azeroth

Who else wants to play WoW in VR?

You just can’t call yourself a gamer if you haven’t at least heard about World of Warcraft. Released in 2004 by Blizzard, the MMORPG became a worldwide phenomenon and is now considered one of the best games ever released. Do...

VR Wolrd NYC Opening

I went to VR World NYC and had a real blast!

Ever since virtual reality started becoming accessible to the masses, investors saw the potential for a new business: virtual reality arcades. But considering the affordable prices of some headsets, you might wonder how such places can produce profit. After all,...

Sony PlayStation VR

These are the 10 upcoming PSVR games to play in 2018

It’s been a great 2017 for the entire PlayStation VR ecosystem, as more than 100 unique experiences were launched, offering a top-notch virtual reality experience for users from all over the world. And this in just one year since the...